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Outlander season 3 will solve a major book mystery, says author Diana Gabaldon

As we continue to wait for Outlander season three (why do we have to hold out until September? WHY?) author Diana Gabaldon has been dropping hints about what to expect when Claire (Caitriona Balfe) and Jamie (Sam Heughan) return to our TV screens.

“I do think that season three is going to be remarkably strong. I’ve seen the first nine episodes now put together and they’re fabulous, the first six especially are very close to the book,” the author tells

“There are things that Claire told her daughter in flashback that we now see more or less in real life. They have expanded some of those,” Gabaldon explains.

But it’s the little “tweaks and additions” the writers have made that sound the most intriguing – could they solve one of the books’ biggest mysteries?

“There has always been the question in the books as to whether Frank was or was not unfaithful to Claire during their marriage and I’ve always left it ambiguous,” says Gabaldon. “People make up their own minds, generally on the basis of whether they like Frank or not.”

The show will finally give readers a definitive answer to that question because the writers have had to “come down on one side or the other”. And is the author happy with the side they’ve picked?

“I think the TV show treats him very fairly,” she says. We’ll have to wait until September 2017 to decide if we agree.

Source: Outlander season 3 will solve a major book mystery, says author Diana Gabaldon

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Yes, “Outlander” to Have Hot Sex After 20-Year Time Jump

Outlander fans are most certainly eager for the show to once again shine a spotlight on the steamy sex lives of Claire and Jamie when it returns in the fall for a third season. But as the show picks up after the time-torn lovers have been separated by both their respective native eras — he in 18th-century Scotland, she two centuries later — and the passage of 20 years, will their inevitable reunion sex be as hot as viewers are accustomed to? Why, of course!

“Do you think that older people can’t have sex? Is that your question?” laughed star Caitriona Balfe (Claire) at the 12th Annual Oscar Wilde Awards, where the Irish model turned actor was honored by the U.S.-Irish Alliance.

Spoiler alert for non-Outlander readers: The third season of the series will, of course, be based on the plot of Voyager, the third novel in author Diana Gabaldon’s bestselling book series. In it, Claire time-travels back to 1765 and at last reunites with Jamie — who survived the brutal Battle of Culloden and lived a shadowy but always adventurous life as two decades passed — and, despite some unexpected complications, the two ultimately find themselves back in bed together.

“I think if anything, when Jamie and Claire get together again, their love is timeless and who they are inside is timeless,” explained Balfe, who donned subtle age makeup to move Claire into her late-40s/early-50s in the latter episodes of the second season. “It was an interesting challenge to play older,” she revealed. “That was the fun part about this season: to sort of take that and try to see what 20 years of life does to a person.” But age is also just a number: Claire and Jamie’s passions will still run very, very hot, she promises. “In terms of the sex, I think old people have good sex too, last I heard!”

Source: Yes, “Outlander” to Have Hot Sex After 20-Year Time Jump

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William Shatner Tweets Comments on Outlander’s “The Wedding” Episode

Screen Shot 2016-04-01 at 8.58.04 PMWell, unless you’re living under a rock, not on Twitter or just not into Outlander and what the heck you doing here if you’re not into Outlander.  Anyway you’ve probably seen or heard through the Clan grapevine that Sam Heughan who plays our beloved Jamie Fraser and William Shatner aka Captain Kirk/TJ Hooker struck up a bromance via Twitter some time ago.  Sam & Bill actually met and Sam donated Outlander items & went to an event that Bill hosted.

Shatner has been slowly watching the first season of Outlander and has finally made it to episode 7, The Wedding.

Here’s what Bill’s response was on Twitter.


Diana’s reason for all the laces that Bill questioned.

As you’ve probably noticed Outlander writer Diana Gabaldon had to clue Bill in on a few things along the way.

In regards to the “viking ship pin Bill says Jamie is wear…

So there ya have it. The Shat’s take on Outlander Season 1 Episode 7 “The Wedding”

Now we can all go “to bed or to sleep” 😂


By Sherri Bush
Owner of Outlandish Dram
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[WATCH] Caitriona Balfe (‘Outlander’): It was ‘heartbreaking’ to lose Claire’s baby

“It killed me,” Caitriona Balfe tells Gold Derby (watch video below) when she learned that her “Outlander” character would lose her baby in a miscarriage. “Claire so much wanted to be a mother, but to have it all unravel in the worst way – it was heartbreaking. Even now I get goosebumps just thinking about it because I don’t think there’s anything that will ever compare … to the love of a mother and child.”

The scene in the episode (“Faith”) that impacted Balfe most profoundly was when Claire sang to the dead baby in her arms. “It’s a summer song I used to sing with my parents in the car when I was three or four,” she adds, recalling the haunting lyric, “”I do like to be beside the seaside.”

[WATCH] Sam Heughan (‘Outlander’) dishes his favorite episode and how to passionately say ‘Sassenach’

The harrowing scene had a “cathartic” effect on people who’d suffered a similar loss. After the episode aired, Balfe notes, “A lot of people reached out to me to say they’d been affected by it.”

In our webcam chat, Balfe also discusses other highlights from season two of “Outlander” so far: Claire being transported back to the 1940s (“Through a Glass, Darkly” episode), encountering Black Jack Randall (Tobias Menzies) with Jamie (Sam Heughan) in 18th century France (“Untimely Resurrection”) and experiencing frequent flashbacks to the Second World War (“Je Suis Prest” and other episodes).


Watch the Interview with Caitriona Balfe & Read More at the Source: [WATCH] Caitriona Balfe (‘Outlander’): It was ‘heartbreaking’ to lose Claire’s baby – Goldderby

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‘Outlander’ Sex Scenes Aim for Realism, Says Showrunner

A candle sputters. A curtain sways. A woman arches her back, her limbs bathed in a golden light. The angles, the body parts, the visuals are all familiar.

That’s because viewers of TV and film have been subjected to this kind of rote sex scene innumerable times. There are variations, but the outlines are generally the same: A compliant woman’s body is displayed in soft focus as a curtain sways and a triumphant man makes her writhe in grateful ecstasy.

“The curtain drives me berserk,” sighs Ronald D. Moore, executive producer of Starz’s “Outlander.” “Why is there a candle in the foreground? Why is the curtain [moving]? Where’s that wind coming from? Why is she always on top of him like that?”

These are only a few of Moore’s complaints about how sex scenes are typically shot and edited, and he has a point. Looking across the landscape of television, no matter what kind of show is under discussion — a premium cable drama, a broadcast network potboiler, a basic cable thriller — sexually charged scenes between characters too often follow a numbingly familiar script.

There are exceptions, of course, and many of them (“Master of None,” “Catastrophe,” “Transparent,” “Orange Is the New Black”) have one or both feet in the comedy realm; the hybrids are often far more comfortable with the idea of subverting or ignoring conventions. There are dramas that occasionally use sex as a perceptive storytelling device, among them “The Americans,” “Billions” and “Mr. Robot.” But all too often, supposedly adult dramas resort to banal cliches borrowed from porn or feature sensationalist moments that bear little relation to the sex lives of most human beings.

When he set out to adapt Diana Gabaldon’s series of “Outlander” novels, Moore says, he told the show’s directors, “‘We’re not doing TV sex. TV sex is not real sex. No one has sex like that.’ And they would all laugh and say, ‘Yeah, that’s true. So what do you want to do?’ I said, ‘Just do it like the real deal.’ ”

For “Outlander,” pursuing a more realistic approach starts with the storytelling. Moore and his writers don’t necessarily mine every sex scene in the novels for the TV show: Every moment of intimacy between characters needs to be vital to the narrative.

Why are we going to do this? What’s the story reason? What’s the character reason?” Moore says. “It’s not just about getting to see them naked again, because we’ve seen them naked, and they’re hot. We get it.”

The stars of “Outlander” are indeed mighty attractive, but what has won over many fans is the complex mixture of vulnerability and volcanic attraction that fuels the evolving bond between Jamie Fraser (Sam Heughan) and Claire Randall Fraser (Caitriona Balfe). The couple’s wedding has been the apex of the “Outlander” saga thus far, in large part because the sexual moments in that episode functioned like the songs in a classic musical: They told us important things about the characters and moved the story along.

Sexual acts on “Outlander” — including the damaging ones between Jamie and his tormentor, Jack Randall (Tobias Menzies) — represent important milestones for the two characters involved. They’re not there as decorations, to be easily forgotten.

Moore made sure that a woman, executive producer Anne Kenney, wrote the wedding episode, and another woman, Anna Foerster, directed it.

I just felt, for whatever reason, a woman would approach the scene differently emotionally and intuitively, and probably differently visually,” Moore said. “It would be more about the meeting of these two people than it would be about eroticism or trying to make it look ‘sexy.’”

When sex scenes are on the schedule, the production endeavors to give the actors a “little space to actually experiment and play around and find the natural chemistry between the two [characters], as opposed to what you could script or talk about in prep,” Moore says. That helps the scenes appear natural and lived-in. As Moore puts it, the feeling that the characters are “in the moment” makes the encounters work.

Things have changed for Jamie and Claire this season; their intimacy is strained, in part because Jamie is still recovering from sexual assaults by Randall last season. But the fact that “Outlander” is taking a man’s recovery from rape seriously is just another thing that sets it apart. The series also has shown full-frontal male nudity, something most programs still shy away from, even in the supposedly adventurous realms of premium TV.

Moore says he’s heartened that his show has been praised for its sensitive — and, ultimately, sensual — approach to sex, but adds that it’s all just a byproduct of trying to be realistic about what adults want and need from each other in intimate moments.

The showrunner maintains that the reason “Outlander” is getting so much credit for prioritizing a woman’s point of view is because that POV has been so marginalized. “When you actually restore it, people go, ‘Whoa, this is a radical thing you’re doing! You’re blazing new ground!’ Where I’m not really trying to blaze new ground. I’m just trying to tell the truth and be honest about how these characters relate.”

Part one of my “Outlander” conversation with Moore is here. The full text of part two of that interview, which is condensed above, is below.

I don’t think this is one of those journeys where it’s like, “Which man will the lady choose?” That’s not what defines her.

Yeah, it really doesn’t define her. It’s not the dominant theme. One of the things I did respond to in the books is their marriage. Now that they’re married, it’s not about breaking them apart, putting them back together, and [they’re tempted by others] or there are those kinds of misunderstandings. It’s a very solid marriage. It has its problems, it has its issues. But there’s never really a doubt in your mind that these two are together, and they’re not going to just get thrown apart for the convenience of the plot or just to give us some juice in the romance. The romantic tale between them is a love, is a soulful one. It’s unusual because that’s not generally where those stories go.

One other show that did that was “Friday Night Lights,” where Jason Katims said, “We’re not going to break up the Taylors.” And I think a relationship’s evolution is just as interesting, if not more interesting, than the whole idea of, “Are they going to break up?” A show gets to do that once, maybe twice. And then I don’t care.

And people tend to [play] that card very early. You just met them and then they’re the Bickersons and then they’re splitting up and he’s moved out.

Suddenly he’s got eyes for someone else. What?

It just happens, always. It’s the easiest card to play. It’s nervousness. I think people get afraid and lose faith in what it is that attracted themselves to tell that story.

Critics have written about how “Outlander” is actually really transgressive and form-breaking in terms of how it treats women and how it treats sex on TV. Like with sex, I just don’t understand — why is it shot the same way on so many other shows? Why is there always a curtain in the background?

Why is there a candle in the foreground? Why is the curtain [moving]? Where’s that wind coming from?

Why is there wind?

Why is there wind coming in here. Why is it cold?

Somebody close the door.

Why is she always on top of him like that? Why is she always arching her back?


Read more at the Source: ‘Outlander’ Sex Scenes Aim for Realism, Says Showrunner | Variety

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What “Outlander” Gets Right About Relationships | (The) Absolute

There are a lot of reasons to enjoy the popular Outlander series, whether it’s in book form or the STARZ television adaption. The popular series, which follows a 1945 World War II nurse who gets swept back in time to eighteenth-century Scotland and falls in love with a dashing young Scottish Highlander, is the perfect mixture of historical fiction, sci-fi, and romance. However, Gabaldon’s series isn’t just a bodice-ripper, it’s actually quite forward-thinking. And one of the reasons is Jamie and Claire’s healthy and surprisingly modernist relationship.

Claire Randall is a progressive woman who revels in her sexuality, doesn’t allow societal mores to make her act like a damsel in distress, and has agency. She’s also a skilled physician and often fights for her right to help heal the sick despite her husband Jamie worrying that she’ll get sick.


To begin, they respect one another. In a time where women were treated as property and were usually not allowed to speak their minds, Jamie finds Claire’s independence refreshing. Unlike most husbands in 1743-era Scotland, Jamie appreciates Claire’s talents for healing and her sharp tongue.

Gabaldon makes a point to show that unlike his superstitious peers at Castle Leoch, Jamie does not fear Claire’s knowledge of herbal remedies and does not think she is a witch. Once Jamie finds out that his wife is a time traveler, he often consults with Claire in order to navigate the future. For example, thanks to Claire’s knowledge, he was able to remove his men from Culloden in Outlander, and he knew when the American Revolution would begin in Drums Of Autumn.

Jamie is also considerate of Claire’s feelings. Even though the two were forced into marriage during Outlander, he insisted that the ceremony take place inside a church. The Scotsman also forced his uncle Dougal to find a wedding dress for Claire so that she wouldn’t have to get married in her dirty dress.

However, their relationship isn’t perfect, and that too is realistic. Normal couples are supportive of one another, but they do argue from time to time. Since both characters are so hotheaded, they often argue with one another. During the first novel, Claire fights Jamie tooth and nail when he wants to spank her for almost getting the clansmen killed. After the argument, Jamie apologizes to her and swears an oath to never lay a hand upon her again.


The two also violently clash when Claire returns to Scotland in Voyagerand finds out that Jamie married her longtime enemy Laoghaire. Although the two were separated, Claire jumps to conclusions and attacks her husband be

fore fleeing off into the forest. She does wind up returning to save Jamie’s life after Laoghaire shot him and the two ultimately reconcile after he’s separated from his second wife.

Later on in the series, Jamie also forgives her for marrying his friend Lord John Grey after she mistakenly thinks he’s dead during Written In My Own Heart’s Blood.

As you can see from the many examples, Claire and Jamie are more than just supportive of each other, they are each other’s rock.

After Jamie is brutally assaulted physically and emotionally by Black Jack Randall in Outlander, Claire fights to save him from depression and is understanding of the resulting Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. There’s also a heartfelt scene in the first novel where Claire finally gathers the courage to tell Jamie the truth about how she really came to Scotland. Instead of dismissing Claire for being delusional or killing her for being a witch, Jamie reassures his wife that he does not think she is mad. In fact, Jamie loves hearing what the 1940s are like and is fascinated by Claire’s description of objects such as airplanes or automobiles.

Finish the story at the Source: What “Outlander” Gets Right About Relationships | (The) Absolute

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On a Personal Note…

home4saleI haven’t done a personal blog in quite a while mostly because my life is pretty boring.  Which is not a bad thing most days.  At least you know what to expect…hehehe

Well, recently the moving bug has hit me. My hubby and I are in our 50’s and I’ve been wanting to move for a while now. The home we’ve lived in the last 17 plus years was the 1st home we’d ever owned and it’s time for a change, level ground and upgrades.

So I’ve been watching the local home listings online at Zillow and other realtor sites for a few months now. A nice little property came up and I decided I would run on my lunch hour and look at it.  Well, I feel in love with it.  It’s really close to my office only about 2 minutes drive.  You can’t get better than that.

So I got excited about it talked to my loving husband and he says sure go for it hon.  I have the best hubby 🙂 He didn’t even wanna go look at it <insert rolling eyes here> He told me that as long as I go with the house he would be happy.  Doesn’t that just make your heart melt.  He is my “Jamie”. Outlander fans will get that reference 😉  By the way, he did go look at it.

Buying and selling a home can be really stressful especially when you haven’t done it in such a long time. Plus I’ve never sold a home.  It’s too much paperwork! LOL

So we’ve put our home on the market and are in the process of putting an offer in on a home.

Wish us luck!


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Sometimes you have to scratch an itch

Well, I wasn’t planning what I did today but I did it anyways.  I may be crazy but then again it may be a good thing all things considered.  Sometimes you just have to take a leap of faith as the saying goes.

So this is what happened.  Every now and then I get this itch to look at houses.  So I get on Zillow and see what’s available just on the off chance there maybe a good one.  So I see this house and in the pictures it looks freaking perfect so I call and make an appointment to go see it.  I know you’re probably wondering, what the heck is your hubby thinking about you house shopping without him.  Well, luckily I have a hubby who for the most part doesn’t care much but does want to put his stamp of approval on it as an after thought so to speak.  He does have certain things he just doesn’t like but as a rule as long as momma is happy he’s happy.  😀

So I go look at this house and the property is just perfect as well as the location. Then we go inside. What a disappointment.  The person who flipped this house did a poor job of it to say the least by not fixing, what felt like rotten wood, in the hall bathroom,  putting cheap paneling in the family room, not the mention the gosh awful flooring in the kitchen and the bedrooms were smaller than what I have now…well crap!

Then I got to looking again and I think I found the perfect one although it’s not on a level lot like I really wanted, it’s still not as bad as the hill we live on now.  So I’m doing some emailing back and forth with the agent and we shall see what happens. Wish us luck!

Until next time…Keep Smiling 🙂


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A Special Day

Today is a special day because it was the day that my “Jamie” was born.

Don in ScotlandMy husband, Don and I met 18 years ago in a chatroom on the old mIRC and 3 months later we were married.  It was the best spontaneous thing I’ve ever done. He’s the most generous man I know. Kind, loving and is always there for me.  God couldn’t have given me a better mate.  Yes he has quirks but so do I, but our quirks compliment each other and I wouldn’t trade him for any for anyone or anything.  He is my soulmate.  Happy Birthday Darling…
I love you with all my heart <3

Us at Inverary Castle, Scotland June 2014
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