Corporal MacGregor, Oh how we wish to see you get your just dues!

Where do I begin with this a$$hat of a character Corporal MacGregor? What a piece of pond scum he is. What right does he have to think he’s better than other Scots. For one thing he has no balls to stand up to a real man like Jamie, so he has to go throwing his weight around at women and children. If Macgregor was left alone with Jenny we all know she would take the man out even if she did just birth her 6th child. Ms. Jenny don’t play! I mean anyone who can raise 6 kids and run a house like she does can take out a low life like the corporal.

Well, it’s too bad that the Outlander writers & directors didn’t show us what REALLY happen to mouthy MacGregor. If you took time to head over to the Outlander Community website and read the script for Surrender then you know what MacGregor’s fate was, if not, here it is for your reading pleasure.

Man, I really hope they filmed this so that we can watch as Jamie takes this jerk out when the DVDs are released!



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