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That’s a Wrap! Outlander Celebrates the Completion of Filming Season 3

Outlander cast and crew celebrated end of filming season 3 today.  Now it’s on to the editing room.

Outlander season 3 will follow Diana Gabaldon’s 3rd book in the Outlander series titled Voyager. A good number of book fans will tell you that Voyager was one of their favorite books including myself.

Warning may contain spoilers!

Voyager begins right after battle of Culloden between the British and the Scots.   At Jamie’s insistence Claire has went back though the stone to 1948 because she was carrying Jamie’s unborn child and he wanted to protect her from the battle.   One of the reason’s this is a favorite book is that it tells of Jamie and Claire’s lives without each other for 20 years. When Claire discovers that Jamie didn’t die on Culloden battlefield and she decides to go back through the stones to reunite with him.

This reunion is one of the most anticipated events for season 3 by fans and is referred to as The Printshop scene.

Outlander writer, Diana Gabaldon confirmed herself that the Printshop scene meets with her approval.


To which she replied

Other scenes fans are looking forward to are the Brothel, & Turtle Soup. There are far too many good scenes in this book and fans are hoping that they don’t get put on the cutting room floor.

So today was the last day of Outlander filming and Twitter lit up like a jar full of lighting bugs you caught on a summer’s evening. Here are some of the happenings across social media today.

After Roark gyms in South Africa announced that Sam would be doing a Facebook live with them he posted on Twitter the following.

Caitriona sent out a thank you to the crew for all their hard work.

All writer/producer Matt Roberts had to say was…

No wonder the man is tired he’s work is never done.

Caitriona says this season has been like birthing a baby. Which is appropriate since her character Claire does give birth in season 3.

It’s a wrap party birth pool

That’s a wrrrrrrrrrap !!!! #Outlander #waterwatereverywhere #lastday #poolbirthofvoyager @samheughan

A post shared by Caitrionabalfe (@caitrionabalfe) on

Sam had fun playing with his rubber ducky in the “birth pool”

An John Bell aka Young Ian Murray posted this video to Instagram

Outlander season 3 will return to the Starz network in September.

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Is it September yet??? Outlander Filming Nearly Finished!

Anticipation is growing among the Outlander fandom as cast and crew take to social media. It’s always fun to see the banter going on between them as not only does it let the fans know little tidbits but it also shows the camaraderie between them all. One big happy Outlander family 😊

I’ve put together several posts and pictures posted that will surly have fans wishing summer was over already and September was here.

So here goes…

Recently Sam posted they were filming the penultimate which is the next to the last episode for the season


I can only imagine what we’ll be seeing when this airs but I really don’t want to think about that episode just yet because when it does air that will mean just 1 more episode 😢

Maril Davis, one of Outlander’s executive producer’s posted this photos of eggs made up to be Jamie & Claire on the beach that she and Caitriona drew. Can you guess who drew which one? 😂

And Sam replied…

Maril’s brother made this remark on her art skills…LOL

Well…Maril it was a good effort 🤦🏻‍♀️

Just like a man all Sam could think about was his stomach 😂😂😂

To be honest I’m not sure why Maril would need such a wintery hat when they are shooting in South Africa. Let me check the weather there BRB. Nope I wouldn’t see why she would need that but hey to each his/her own.🤷🏻‍♀️ At any rate Sam wants to borrow it 😆

I suppose he needs this for when they go back to Scotland & Maril says it’s his if he wants it.

Writer/Producer Matt Roberts also posts some of the most beautiful photos from Cape Town, SA

Before the storm #capetown #capestorm #stormofthecentury Wish us luck #outlander

A post shared by Matthew B. Roberts (@nofoolingproductions) on

Sam retweeted this picture of the recent Cape Town storm Matt was referring too.

Funny there should be a storm right when they are most likely shooting scenes that include a storm also. Sam referred to that early when he stated he had sand in places it shouldn’t be…hehehe

They are at the end of shooting season 3 with only about a week left according to Sam’s tweet.

To which Sam replys:

Filming maybe complete but there is still a lot that goes on behind the scenes after the shoot is over.

Sam says Cait is willing to lend a hand with editing if Matt needs it.

I don’t know about you but I think they better leave the theme & music in the hands of Bear McCreary. He hasn’t let us Outlander fans down yet with his choices. So Cait you needn’t worry about dragging out your accordion just yet.


Outlander is schedule to return to the Starz network in September.

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Outlander’s Maril Davis & a Mini Twitter Q&A

Today Outlander co-producer Maril Davis gave fans a holiday treat with a mini Q&A while she was traveling back to Scotland.




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‘Outlander’ Boss on Claire’s Season 3 ‘Homecoming’, Jamie’s Time-Jump Makeover and How Many ‘Voyager’ Episodes We’ll Get!

How ya doing, Sassenach?

Outlander Co Producer: Maril Davis

It’s only been two days since Outlander‘s heartbreakingly wonderful season two finale, but we know that our fellow lads and lassies are already deep in that Droughtlander depression. Luckily, we have good news!

To help quench your Fraser thirst and lift your time-traveling spirits, we called up executive producer Maril Davis to get the exclusive scoop on what’s coming our way in season three.

Plus, now that we’ve spilled all the romantic behind-the-scenes secrets of Jamie (Sam Heughan) and Claire’s (Caitriona Balfe) last goodbye, it’s time to address the finale’s other most shocking moments. (Ahem. Yes we’re looking at you Gillian Edgars!)

ET: Watching Bree and Geillis – aka Gillian Edgars – meet in the finale was such an unexpected surprise! Why did you decide to allow that to happen and was there ever any discussion in the writers’ room about having Claire and Geillis come face-to-face?
Maril Davis:
We talked about it. [Executive producer/writer] Toni [Graphia] and [co-executive producer/writer] Matt [Roberts] came up with this really fun idea to actually have Brianna meet Geillis and we thought that was so cool because you don’t get to see that in the books. It seemed like the next best thing to having Claire see Geillis, because if Claire and Geillis were to see each other, it would change everything and whether or not Geillis would go back. Our little ode to that part of it was whether or not Geillis heard anything before she went through. We were just trying to figure out some way to connect them without them seeing each other, which was hard. That took a lot of choreography for Geillis not to see them running up the hill. We thought about [having them meet,] but too many things just kind of dominoed with Claire and Geillis seeing each other and that would have effected how we played season one so it couldn’t happen. But our nod to that was having Geillis meet Brianna and Roger, which we thought was kind of fun.

We were surprised to see that Bree believed her mother’s time-traveling tales in the finale. Was there ever any discussion to hold that revelation until season three?
I think we felt that, in the end, she believed her mother, but she’s still coming to terms with it. In season three, we’re talking about Claire’s decision of whether or not to go back and there are still challenges there, so the door I think is still open for that. We purposefully at the end wanted Bree to believe her, but we still don’t know whether or not Claire will want to go back and want to leave her child. Like in the books, we felt we had to have Brianna see some sort of visual evidence that her mom was right, because it is a crazy fantastical story. If my mom told me that story I’m not sure I’d believe her either.

Looking ahead to season three, how long will fans have to wait before we get that highly-anticipated Claire and Jamie reunion?
You know what, we’re still kind of figuring that out. We’re mapping it out, but I feel like we will stay fairly consistent to the books.

Much more to read at the Source: EXCLUSIVE: ‘Outlander’ Boss on Claire’s Season 3 ‘Homecoming’, Jamie’s Time-Jump Makeover and How Many ‘Voyager’ Episodes We’ll Get!

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Outlander Q&A with Maril Davis

Outlander co-producer Maril Davis took to Twitter tonight in an impromptu Q & A.

outlander q&aHere’s what took place … Enjoy!


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Outlander producer Maril Davis gives fans some fun facts about the show’s filming – Scotland Now

OUTLANDER producer Maril Davis has let fans into some fun facts about the hit time travel series.

Maril has regularly posted behind the scenes images, answered questions and provided other bits of fun on Twitter to help fans get through the Droughtlander.

And now she has revealed more about what the process of filming the Starz series is like.

Using “#OutlanderFunFact” on Twitter, Maril said the cast and crew “shoot 10 hour days” with one hour for lunch, making for 11 hours of work.

She also revealed the cast do “continuous days” without stopping for lunch – no wonder the show is so spectacular with the long days the stars and production team are putting in.

Read more at the Source: Outlander producer Maril Davis gives fans some fun facts about the show’s filming – Scotland Now

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