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Is it September yet??? Outlander Filming Nearly Finished!

Anticipation is growing among the Outlander fandom as cast and crew take to social media. It’s always fun to see the banter going on between them as not only does it let the fans know little tidbits but it also shows the camaraderie between them all. One big happy Outlander family 😊

I’ve put together several posts and pictures posted that will surly have fans wishing summer was over already and September was here.

So here goes…

Recently Sam posted they were filming the penultimate which is the next to the last episode for the season


I can only imagine what we’ll be seeing when this airs but I really don’t want to think about that episode just yet because when it does air that will mean just 1 more episode 😢

Maril Davis, one of Outlander’s executive producer’s posted this photos of eggs made up to be Jamie & Claire on the beach that she and Caitriona drew. Can you guess who drew which one? 😂

And Sam replied…

Maril’s brother made this remark on her art skills…LOL

Well…Maril it was a good effort 🤦🏻‍♀️

Just like a man all Sam could think about was his stomach 😂😂😂

To be honest I’m not sure why Maril would need such a wintery hat when they are shooting in South Africa. Let me check the weather there BRB. Nope I wouldn’t see why she would need that but hey to each his/her own.🤷🏻‍♀️ At any rate Sam wants to borrow it 😆

I suppose he needs this for when they go back to Scotland & Maril says it’s his if he wants it.

Writer/Producer Matt Roberts also posts some of the most beautiful photos from Cape Town, SA

Before the storm #capetown #capestorm #stormofthecentury Wish us luck #outlander

A post shared by Matthew B. Roberts (@nofoolingproductions) on

Sam retweeted this picture of the recent Cape Town storm Matt was referring too.

Funny there should be a storm right when they are most likely shooting scenes that include a storm also. Sam referred to that early when he stated he had sand in places it shouldn’t be…hehehe

They are at the end of shooting season 3 with only about a week left according to Sam’s tweet.

To which Sam replys:

Filming maybe complete but there is still a lot that goes on behind the scenes after the shoot is over.

Sam says Cait is willing to lend a hand with editing if Matt needs it.

I don’t know about you but I think they better leave the theme & music in the hands of Bear McCreary. He hasn’t let us Outlander fans down yet with his choices. So Cait you needn’t worry about dragging out your accordion just yet.


Outlander is schedule to return to the Starz network in September.

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A post holiday Q&A with Outlander writer Matt Roberts

Outlander writer Matt Roberts blessed us with a post holiday Twitter Q&A today and if you missed it you can catch up right here on Outlandish Dram.

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Sunday with Matt Roberts of Outlander: A Random Q&A

Outlander writer/producer Matthew B. Roberts took time out from his busy schedule to give back to the fans today with a Twitter Q & A.



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‘Outlander’ Season 3 is going to be ‘great’ Ronald Moore and Jon Gary Steele tease

Filming for “Outlander” Season 3 is ongoing in full swing, and according to Executive Producer Ronald D. Moore and Production Designer Jon Gary Steele the TV series is going to be “great.” The two men spoke about the show on the red carpet at the 68th Primetime Creative Arts Emmy Awards Ceremony.

A video of the Moore and Steele talking about the show has been posted on the YouTube channel of GoldDerby. Terry Dresbach was also nominated for an award, but the producer revealed that she couldn’t make it because she was ill. She was disappointed about not being able to make it, Moore said, but she did send over a speech for him to read.

Moore was then asked about the next season of the TV series. The producer said that it is “very exciting” for him to be working on the third season. The show this time around is based on the third book by Diana Gabaldon titled “Voyager,” and Moore pointed out that it is just as different as the second season was to the first.

“Outlander” Season 3 involves a sea voyage, the characters will be seen in the Caribbean and they will go to Jamaica, Moore teased. The producer teased that there are elements of war and a lot of “back and forth,” which is the different timelines, and there will also be time travel. He said that this was a “big” new season.

The show so far has not spent too much time filming on water. When the two men were asked about the filming on the ships, they both said that it was going to be “great.”

Filming of the first block of “Outlander” Season 3 is almost over. Executive Producer Matthew B. Roberts teased a picture of a full moon online, after a night shoot on the production set.

Source: ‘Outlander’ Season 3 is going to be ‘great’ Ronald Moore and Jon Gary Steele tease

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‘Outlander’ Season 3 Will Start Earlier Next Year, Producer Says

“Outlander” fans might have a shorter countdown next year. While the show took nearly a year off between Seasons 1 and 2, producer Matt Roberts says that it won’t be such a long wait next year. The time-travel drama could return sooner than expected.

“We haven’t stopped working, and we just went straight over from Season 2 to Season 3,” Roberts revealed to the Hollywood Reporter. “We carried the writers room over, and a few people in Scotland continued to prep for next season. ‘Outlander’ is a beast of a show to produce, so if we took a normal break, a regular hiatus like a normal show, we would already be behind. Now the fans can have it sooner than what they think. The Droughtlander won’t be as long as they expect.”

“Outlander” Season 2 is actually shorter than Season 1 by three episodes. But instead of dividing the season with a six-month hiatus, all 13 episodes are airing consecutively on Starz through July. Even if the show starts in April again next year, it would only be a nine-month break. Roberts didn’t clarify exactly how much shorter the hiatus would be, though.

More to read at the Source: ‘Outlander’ Season 3 Will Start Earlier Next Year, Producer Says

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Outlander Q&A with Matthew Roberts

Today Outlander’s writer/co-executive producer, Matthew Roberts did a quick question & answer on Twitter.

If you got left out because you had other comments like I did well you can catch up here.

Screen Shot 2016-03-02 at 6.29.09 PM

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