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Outlander: Brianna and Roger’s Relationship Is a Slow Burn 

Move over Jamie and Claire, there’s a new couple on Outlander!

The slow-building relationship between the Frasers’ daughter, Brianna (Sophie Skelton), and Roger Wakefield (Richard Rankin) will continue during the upcoming third season of the time-traveling romance drama. TV Guide spoke with the two young stars about how their relationships unfolds, and we have one piece of advice for Outlander fans: be patient.

“With Brianna and Roger, they don’t communicate very well even though they are the only people in the world who understand each other,” Skelton tells TV Guide. “There’s that beautiful infuriation. You just want them to sit down, tell each other how they feel and move the relationship forward that way.”

Outlander‘s Tobias Menzies Teases a “Fitting End” to Black Jack Randall

Despite the frustrating development of the relationship, there’s no doubt that these two lovebirds care very much about each other, and their extremely unique circumstances help foster a one-of-a-kind bond.

“I don’t think they know where they are half the time or what’s going on. It’s just all this searching for Jamie,” Rankin weighs in. “They develop a real need for each other as anything else. It’s going to be exciting to watch their relationship unfold.”

Outlander Season 3 premieres Sept. 10 at 8/7c on Starz.

Source: Outlander: Brianna and Roger’s Relationship Is a Slow Burn | TVGuide.com

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‘Outlander’ Returns To Comic-Con With Caitriona Balfe & Sam Heughan

Starz is putting all its Comic-Con eggs in one Scottish basket this year as Outlander returns to the San Diego confab.

After an absence last year, the cast and creative of the Ronald D. Moore EP’d sultry time-travel series based on Diana Gabladon’s bestsellers are back and set to take the stage in Ballroom 20 of the San Diego Convention Center on July 21 at 5 PM.

A SDCC fav, the Outlander panel will see leads Caitriona Balfe and Sam Heughan join Moore and Gabaldon as well as fellow EP Maril Davis on the Con’s second day. Fellow cast members Tobias Menzies, Sophie Skelton and Richard Rankin will be in attendance too. World of Dance judge Jenna Dewan Tatum will host the panel.

 The Golden Globe and Emmy nominated Outlander is set to return for its third season on the premium cabler in September– no specific date has been announced but maybe that will come at SDCC. The third season of the series, from Moore and Sony Pictures TV, will consist of 13 episodes based on Voyager, the third of eight books in Gabaldon’s Outlander series

As well as a panel this year, Outlander will also be holding an autograph session of the SDCC floor on July 22, with the time to be announced later.

Comic-Con 2017 runs from July 20- 23, with the traditional preview night on July 19.

Source: ‘Outlander’ Returns To Comic-Con With Caitriona Balfe & Sam Heughan | Deadline

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‘Outlander’ season 3 production update: Storm doesn’t halt filming in Cape Town; ‘Weird’ having daughter, says Nell Hudson

A behind the scenes picture of Sam Heughan (Jamie) for the sets of Starz TV series “Outlander.”

A storm threatened to disrupt filming of “Outlander” season 3. However, the team managed to get through without much difficulty. Co-executive Producer Matthew B. Roberts teased some pictures of the Cape Town skyline before and after the storm.

Just a few more weeks of filming are left for the show, cast members Sam Heughan (Jamie) and Caitriona Balfe (Claire) had previously announced. But when a few storm clouds gathered at the horizon, the producers were concerned about the production getting delayed. Droughtlander is already the longest this year, and any delay would have put the team on an even tighter schedule.

The storm came and went without affecting the production team too much. Roberts took to Twitter to thank fans for their support and also shared pictures from the set.

Thick clouds with reddish hue covered most of the skyline of Cape Town, but they mostly cleared one day later. Both the occasions were a good photo opportunity that Roberts did not miss.
Continue reading at the source 

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Outlander Takes Over the Big Apple

The NYC Outlander in the City event just ended and social media was once again overtaken with pics, vids & comments.

I swear I’m gonna get up the nerve to go to one of these events someday.  I must confess that I’m a bit intimidated by the stars not sure why I mean they put their pants on one leg at a time just like I do. I suppose this can be my next “My Peak Challenge”.

Any who…here are a few pics & videos from the Outlander in the City event. Just hope the fans don’t mind me borrowing their pics 😉

Wow! Outlander in the City! @stevencree #outlanderinthecity

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#outlanderinthecity #outlanderstarz

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Scotland’s £250m film studio gets green light from Scottish Government

Developers have been given the go ahead to create a film studio complex on the outskirts of Edinburgh.

Scottish ministers have granted planning permission for a large film and television studio on the outskirts of Edinburgh.

The decision to back the Pentland Studios projects overturns an earlier recommendation from a Scottish Government reporter that permission be refused.

The proposal was “called in” by the Scottish Government after Midlothian Council failed to make a ruling on the application, which was originally submitted in 2014.

As well as six sound stages, the £250m studio plans also include two Hollywood-style backlots and a 180-room hotel, reports The Scotsman .

It comes after a industry buff claimed Scotland had missed out on multi-
million-pound productions like Game of Thrones and Star Trek because of the hold-up in approving the project.

Empty warehouses had to be transformed to get them up to scratch for productions like Outlander, T2 Trainspotting and Avengers: Infinity War, which is currently being filmed in the capital.


Source: Scotland’s £250m film studio gets green light from Scottish Government


Note:  Could this be from the “Outlander Effect”  I think so – OutlandishDram Owner/Operator

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Who is Richard Rankin? Actor who plays Ian Rooney in The Replacement and star of Silent Witness and Outlander

Who is Richard Rankin? Actor who plays Ian Rooney in The Replacement and star of Silent Witness and The Syndicate

The Scottish actor will be a familiar face to BBC viewers after starring in The Crimson Field and The Syndicate

Richard’s next role will be on The Replacement

HUNKY Scot Richard Rankin is about to set hearts’ racing as he stars in new TV series The Replacement.

He’s switching his World War One military uniform – from a recent role in The Crimson Field – for a more contemporary suited and booted style for the BBC’s latest psychological thriller.

Richard Rankin proudly displays his Scottish roots wearing a patterned kilt Richard Rankin proudly displays his Scottish roots wearing a patterned kilt

But just what part will he play in the broadcaster’s new drama, which focuses on a paranoid woman who believes her identity is being dismantled?

Who is Richard Rankin and where is he from?

Richard Rankin is a star of the stage and screen, having appeared in both TV series’ and films.

He was born in Glasgow in 1983, which makes him 34.

He has an actor sibling Colin Harris, who has appeared in BBC3 drama lip service.

He will be a familiar face to BBC viewers

He will be a familiar face to BBC viewers

What TV series has Richard starred in?

Eagle-eyed BBC viewers may recognise Richard from World War One series The Crimson Field, broadcast in 2014, in which he played Captain Thomas Gillan.

Fans in his home country will know him from Scottish sketch show Burnistoun while more recently he has starred in Silent Witness.

Richard ended 2015 on a career high when he was cast as Roger Wakefield in the Starz series Outlander.

What role is Richard Rankin playing in BBC One’s The Replacement?

He plays Ian Rooney in the gripping three-part show, the show is set in Glasgow and is about a woman named Ellen (played by Morven Christie) who goes on maternity leave from her job at an architecture firm and a woman named Paula (played by Vicky McClure) is hired to cover Ellen in her absence.

Ian meets Ellen as a patient and struggles to keep the boundaries between them.

Yet she becomes paranoid when she sees her identity being dismantled and can’t work out whether the cause is another woman or her own baby.

He will play Ian Rooney in The Replacement He will play Ian Rooney in The Replacement

Who else is in the cast of The Replacement?

Vicky McClure and Morven Christie are the lead actors in the gripping upcoming drama.

Morven is best known for her role as heiress Amanda Kendall in Grantchester, but has also starred in The A Word, Doctor Who, Hunted and The Young Victoria.

The BBC One drama will be told in three parts and was written by Joe Ahearne, who previously wrote James McAvoy thriller Trance in 2013.

Richard has previously starred with Hollywood funnyman Bradley CooperRichard has previously starred with Hollywood funnyman Bradley Cooper

Has he starred with any Hollywood heroes?

Certainly – funnyman Bradley Cooper is on the list.

He teamed up with the US star in John Wells’ adaptation of Burnt before confirming for The Replacement.

He has also been in a quirky horror movieHe has also been in a quirky horror movie

And what about any left-field career choices?

Richard starred in nail-biting Horror The House of Him after giving the nod to his pal and former Burnistoun director Robert Florence.

Talking of the scare fest he told the Daily Record:  “I’d come back from months on this huge production where every cast member has their own runner assigned to them to start filming in Robert’s maw’s house in Balornock, where the three actors were also the crew and we all, more or less, did it for nothing. “But that’s what we’re in this industry for, really. Different experiences.”


Source: Who is Richard Rankin? Actor who plays Ian Rooney in The Replacement and star of Silent Witness and Outlander

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Outlander Season 3 Photos Popping Up Over the Internet

Recently a lot of season 3 Outlander photos have been popping up on Internet. Here are  just a few that I found for your enjoyment.

These are from Chris Saint-Martin

The following photos are from Dawn Greenan on Twitter from the S3 sets at Dunure.


Here is a nice slideshow by from Rosanda’s Twitter feed

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Archaeologists to map “the real Outlander” effect on the Highlands – The Scotsman

Archaeologists to map “the real Outlander” effect on the Highlands – The ScotsmanArchaeologists to map “the real Outlander” effect on the Highlands – The ScotsmanArchaeologists are to map the radical changes to Scotland’s landscape during the 18th Century and examine “the real Outlander” effect on the Highlands. Edinburgh-based HARP Archaeology will establish how the Jacobite rebellions of 1715 and 1745 and the subsequent Highland Clearances fundamentally altered the countryside, from the abandoned settlements to the widespread building of military roads.

Glen Tilt in Perthshire, one of the sites of interest to the archaeologists examining the changes to Scotland’s landscape during the 18th Century. PIC www.geograph.co.uk

Ian Hill, director of HARP Archaeology, said the work will also highlight the “reality” of the period depicted in The Outlander series, which focuses on Highland clan life around the time of the second rebellion.

Visible remains will be used to chart the often brutal social upheaval that followed.

He said: “We are not trying to discount Outlander. Obviously it has caught people’s imagination and got people interested in this period.

“But this is about the ‘real’ Outlander and getting people engaged with the reality of the upheaval of the time.”

Archaeologists will be based around Blair Atholl from June and focus on areas around two key military roads, between Dunkeld and Inverness and Crieff and Dalnacardoch. Both stretches were completed in 1730.

Mr Hill said: “Really up until the mid 1700s the majority of the roads in use were drovers roads and, especially in the Highlands, there was no formal road network.

“The military roads, built following the Jacobite rebellions, opened up the Highlands and allowed the movement of people and goods like never before. That, of course, had a knock on effect on social change.”

The new roads also triggered another fundamental change for the Highlands – the arrival of tourists.

Mr Hill said it was hoped to identify and compare the landscapes over time, through the eyes of the 18th Century Highlander to the road surveyor, the tourist and the visitor today.

Archaeologist will be looking for a “whole host” of items that reflect the changes of the period, from the actual quarries used for the road building, to the abandoned settlements of the period.”

Glen Tilt, near Blair Atholl, is also of particular interest. It was cleared by the Duke of Atholl during the late 1700s and early 1800s. The remains of at least eight buildings can be found at the former settlement of Auldandue.

Glen Tilt is included in Mr Hill’s ‘Real Outlander’ tours, which take in some of the key archeological sites covered by the research project.

Source: Archaeologists to map “the real Outlander” effect on the Highlands – The Scotsman

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Outlander’s Rik Rankin aka RogerMac Answers Your Burning ????

Today Outlander’s Richard “Rik” Rankin took time out of his Saturday to do a Q&A for the fans.  Rankin play Roger Wakefield MacKenzie  who is adopt son Reverend Reginald Wakefield. The Reverend is also Roger’s great-granduncle.

Rik’s character is also the youngest professor at Oxford University and eventually becomes the love interest of Brianna Randall, who is the daughter of Claire & Jamie Fraser.

Now onto the Q&A 😋



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Outlander: Caitriona Balfe shares scoop from season 3

Caitriona Balfe may need to clear some shelf space for a few trophies: The Outlander actress is up for a Critics Choice Awards this Sunday, a People’s Choice prize next month, and a much-deserved nomination from the Hollywood Foreign Press for the Golden Globes in January. In preparation for her red carpet arrival, we asked Balfe to reflect on her last season’s most gut-wrenching episode — the death of her baby, Faith — and what we can expect from season 3 of the Starz drama.
ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: What are you doing right now?

CAITRIONA BALFE: I have been filming a lot of Boston with Brianna [played by Sophie Skelton].  
Did you say parts of Glasgow in Scotland double as Boston?

Yeah. We have Claire and Frank’s Boston apartment in the studio, and then we use some of the west end in Glasgow as exteriors.
Can you say what episode you’re on now?

We’re gonna film six and seven. We’ve already shot eight. We’re almost halfway through.
How far ahead have you read the scripts? Do you know how this season will end?

No. I mean, we start shooting our next block this week, and I got the script [last week]. It’s not a long time, and I only got one of them, so I’m still waiting on the second one. It can be quite quick, you know? I mean, obviously, we know the general trajectory because we’ve read the book, but what the writers have chosen to do with the book, we don’t know yet until we read the script.

Are you shooting in order this season? Have you still not done anything with Sam Heughan [who plays Jamie Fraser]?

We’ve shot a little out of order, so Sam and I have shot one episode together. So [this week] Jamie and Claire will be together from now on. So Sam and I will be on set together as we go forward. We’ve mostly shot the first stuff up front, but we had to pull one episode forward because of different actors’ schedules, so yeah. We’ve done a little bit together.

Image Credit: Aimee Spinks

Earlier this year, we ran a first look shot of you walking on the battlefield. Was that from a dream sequence, with Jamie imagining his life without you?

I don’t think he’s imagining his life without Claire. It’s an image that Jamie has conjured up in his head. That’s the best way of saying it.

Can you reflect on the dark places that you went last season, like the episode involving the death of your daughter Faith? 

Any time you get material like that as an actor, it’s a gift, to be able to explore those different aspects of humanity, death, and loss and love. They’re essential to our humanity, so to be able to explore those in your work is always gratifying. That episode that Toni Graphia wrote… it was hard to sort of trace yourself in that emotional space and stay in it, especially when we were filming that. We were filming those scenes for over a week but it was a really beautiful and important part of the character’s story. I think this season is different. Especially in the first part of the season, we’re going through 20 years of Claire’s life and seeing little vignettes of who she’s become as a woman, and that was a very different type of challenge. How do you tell the story of a relationship and of a life and of a woman over her 20 years in the space of a few scenes? So that had its own unique challenges. It’s definitely different to last season.
What is Claire’s look these days?

Well, it’s different. Obviously, we go through 20 years, so you’ll see some ’40s, some ’50s, some ’60s. The ’60s sort of look we’ve seen already from last season. And then, when Claire goes back [through the stones] — I suppose it’s something like the things that she’s worn in France, I guess, but it’s quite subdued. It’s not nearly as flamboyant, I guess, as some of the Parisian faire that I wore last season.

What’s it been like on set in terms of paparazzi? Are you finding more this time around than before?

A little. Because we’ve been filming around Glasgow, some people come out and but, you know, generally, in the U.K., people are quite respectful and we’re up in Glasgow, so there’s not a huge amount of paparazzi around, which is quite nice. There are days when we’re on the street and you don’t always notice that they’re there, but then, a few days later, somebody’ll say, ‘Oh, we saw you were filming, and then you realize there’s pictures everywhere! But I tend to absolutely not notice until there’s some terrible photos floating around.
Are you going to be working up to Christmas this month? What’s the production plan?

Yes. I think we stop two, three days before Christmas. So yeah, we’re gonna be shooting right up until the 22nd, I think.
Has Starz let you know when they’ll announce when the show returns?

I’m quite happily ignorant to all of that. I don’t have to lie. I don’t have to pretend I don’t know. I have no idea.
Do you think you’re gonna be working straight through for much of 2017? Do you know when your next big hiatus is?

I know when we finish season 3, if we don’t take some sort of a break, we might have a few main actors in hospitals. I think they have to give us something. This show is just so big, and it’s such a beast that it just wouldn’t be feasible to go straight from one season to the other. I don’t know how long that will be.
Source: Outlander: Caitriona Balfe shares scoop from season 3

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