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Outlander Promo Recap: Parallel Lives – TV Kills Time

The title of this promo is more than a righteous Magic:The Gathering card. It’s also the nickname for Plutarch’s Lives of the Noble Greeks and Romans, a series of biographies of famous men that highlighted their similar virtues and failings, and a fascinating study of morality and choices. It’s an apt lens through which to view this season of Outlander, in which Claire and Jamie struggle to make the most of their choice to separate, consequently exposing the best and worst of themselves (and those closest to them). It’s a reminder that our heroes are no more human than any of us: sometimes disturbingly fallible, others heartrendingly persistent. Plus I hear there’s a lot of sex.

Let’s dig in.

The promo opens on Claire and Bree, presumably on a plane back to Boston after their visit to Scotland. Caitriona Balfe narrates, letting us know that when we last saw the character it was 1968, right after her character discovers Jamie didn’t die at Culloden. Both Randall ladies seem immersed in thought.

Information like that has a way of jump-starting one’s fantasy life, and Claire gazes out of her plane window while Bree reassures her that they “will find him.” Don’t pat yourself on the back, kid. Everyone finds Jamie eventually. He’s pretty noteworthy.

Cut to Bree and Claire researching at what looks like a library with Roger. This promo needs more Roger. If this keeps up I am just going to start Photoshopping his face onto vases and stuff. Here he is, color-coordinating not only with the rich wood paneling but also Bree’s vest. I assume he’s the head researcher because he’s the only one who can read fluent Scottish noises.

It’s worth noting that the group searching for Jamie in the past is also in a prime position to see their relationships most significantly affected in the present. One woman longing to leave the present to return to the past, another firmly anchored to the present but potentially fragile in the face of the loss of another parent, and a man re-evaluating his past identity while harboring new hopes for his future.

Meanwhile, we flash to Jamie gasping in a tortured breath and opening his eyes on Culloden field, a familiar uniformed ponytail visible over his left shoulder.

READ ON at the Source: Outlander Promo Recap: Parallel Lives – TV Kills Time

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EXCLUSIVE: ‘Outlander’ Stars Tease ‘Massive Developments’ for Bree & Roger’s Relationship in Season 3!

Listen up, sassenachs!

Over the past nine months, we at Entertainment Tonight have been surprising fans with exclusive videos with your favorite Outlander stars from our season three set visit in Scotland. (Who else loved Sam Heughan and Caitriona Balfe’s whisky-filled game of “Never Have I Ever”?)

Now we’re thrilled to say that we’re about to unleash a rainstorm of exclusive season three set tours, interviews and games to pour down on the fandom in these last 25 days of this dreaded Droughtlander!

First up, we sat down with stars Sophie Skelton and Richard Rankin in the Fraser’s Lallybroch living room for an in-depth preview of what’s ahead for Bree and Roger’s relationship in season three.

After their character’s chemistry-charged meeting at the end of Outlander‘s second season, Skelton promised that fans will be seeing “a lot more” of Brianna and Roger’s “relationship development” in this upcoming season.

“Massive developments,” Rankin stressed. “There’s going to be massive developments.” Rankin added that he and Skelton care deeply about their characters and the two actors will often have in-depth conversations about the script’s subtext.

“It’s obviously important that we get on together and that we’re on the same page,” he said. “We spend a lot of time together. We chat a lot about the characters, and we chat a lot about the relationship and the development of the relationship, which I think is really helpful. Nine times out of 10, Sophie doesn’t agree with what I’ve got to say, but she listens.”

Continue reading at the Source: EXCLUSIVE: ‘Outlander’ Stars Tease ‘Massive Developments’ for Bree & Roger’s Relationship in Season 3!

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Why The Sex Scenes On “Outlander” Will Be Very Different This Year


Sex has always been a huge part of Outlander. It’s pretty much the reason we all watch the show. You know it, I know it.
So, when I realized Voyager — the book in the Outlander series by Diana Gabaldon the upcoming season 3 is based on —  featured a major time jump, I got worried. What would Jamie and Claire sex scenes look like after a 20-year separation?
Luckily, I got to travel to the Outlander set in Scotland to ask Caitriona Balfe and Sam Heughan that exact question.
But first, since it’s been a while (too long!) since we last spent time with our favorite time-crossed duo, let’s recap what we know. Last season of Outlander saw Claire (Caitriona Balfe) stepping back through the time stones and returning to her 20th century life and first husband Frank (Tobias Menzies) circa 1948, leaving Jamie (Sam Heughan) to die in battle on the Culloden moor.
Fast-forward 20 years to 1968, and Claire, along with her and Jamie’s daughter Brianna, has learned that her dashing Scottish lover/husband survived the battle, which means he would be alive today, if today were 200 years ago.
The thing about Season 3 of Outlander is that dates are important, so if you happened to nap through mid-18th century Scottish history in high school, you might want to pay attention now.
When Claire first goes back in time, it’s 1945 in the present, but 1743 in the past. She stays in 18th century Scotland for three years, leaving on the eve of the bloody Battle of Culloden — which pitted Scottish supporters of Charles Stuart (Bonnie Prince Charlie) against British troops loyal to King George II, and ended in carnage on the Scottish side — in 1746. But because that time also translates to three years in the p resent, it’s 1948 when she gets back. Leaving 1968 to seek Jamie in the past puts us in 1766. (I know, I know — it’s very confusing.)
In the book’s timeline, Claire is 50 in 1968, while Jamie is 45 in 1766. We’ve already seen 50-year-old Claire, who looks pretty fantastic, nary a grey hair in sight. And while we’ve gotten a glimpse at what looks like caveman Jamie in the years following Claire’s departure, we don’t yet know how the years will affect him.
Historical purists (a.k.a. me) could point out that 45 in 1766 would be considered nearing old age, but this is a fictional universe, so I’m fairly certain he’ll still be hunky, something Sam Heughan basically confirmed when we met. “Jamie ages more emotionally than physically,” he said. ” The aging process was more due to the trauma and experiences of his life that he’s gone through. I won’t be walking around with a wooden stick and long white hair.”
But still, sex in your late 40s and early 50s isn’t quite the same as sex in your 20s. At the time of the set visit, Balfe and Heughan hadn’t yet filmed their highly anticipated reunion. But they were definitely aware of the fan expectations, and had some of their own.
“I’m so excited to play that stuff because even though this show is a fantasy what we all try to do every day is ground it in some kind of reality,” Balfe explained. “It’s nice to have the ability to delve into the fantasy of what this relationship would be like. Anyone who’s spent any time away from their partner knows that when you first see each other again in your head, you’ve played all the scenarios of how perfectly it’s all gonna go. Then, somebody says one thing and you’re at each other’s throats. It’s important to allow this relationship to become real, and for them to discover who each other are all over again. They’re both flawed people. They’re not perfect. That’s also what makes it interesting.”
And as for the sex? Check out what they had to say in the video above!

Source: Why The Sex Scenes On “Outlander” Will Be Very Different This Year

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A Quickie with Cait

Outlander’s Caitriona Balfe hit 250K  followers on Twitter so as a thank you to the fans she did a quick Q & A.

60 seconds here we go…


Unfortunately the question for this answer was deleted

And that’s where Cait said adiós, Au Revoir &

Outlander returns to Starz on September 10th!!!

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60 Seconds with model-turned-actress Caitriona Balfe

Outlander began on Amazon. Are you excited it’s finally on a terrestrial channel so more people can see it?

It’s fantastic. It’s very much a Scottish show and Scotland is very much a character in it — it’s so integral to our story.

Do you have to apply a sense of humour to get through all the sex scenes?

The first series was my first time doing anything of that kind on TV and I think naivety helped. But it was important for the story and I like that it’s told as much from the female perspective as possible. It’s interesting to have a woman of that time be sexually liberated. But the actual doing is always awkward and there are too many people in the room who you have to try to look in the eye afterwards. But you giggle your way through it.

Great pals: Sam Heughan in Outlander

Have a lot of your friends and family seen it?

I think for some members of my family it’s better they don’t! My mum has seen it. We just don’t talk about those parts [the sex scenes]. There are certain episodes I tell my dad he can watch. I don’t think he wants to see the others — and I definitely don’t want him to.

Were you prepared for how huge it was in the US?

I had no idea. I didn’t know about the book series. I had never done TV so I had zero expectations. I was just so delighted I’d got the job and that it was going to shoot in the UK so I’d be back on this side of the world.

It has a feverish fan base. Do you get chased down the street?

No, luckily Sam [Heughan, her co-star] gets all the chasing!

Sam didn’t have any big acting roles before this either, so you’re doing it together…

So much so. We have each other’s backs and it’s great that you have somebody to confide in and share an experience like this with who knows exactly what you’re going through.


Read the other 30 seconds at the Source MetroNews: 60 Seconds with model-turned-actress Caitriona Balfe

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Outlander Stars Sound Off On Sam Heughan’s Men’s Health Cover, Talk Confusing Season 3 

“Outlander” stars Caitriona Balfe and Tobias Menzies sat down with Matte Babel at the Television Critics Association to chat about what’s in store for their characters in the highly anticipated third season of the show.

The cast remained tight-lipped when trying to describe what they could of the upcoming season.

“It’s always been a difficult show to describe,” Caitriona shares. “But I think this season may be the hardest one yet.”

And she’s not lying. Balfe’s character Claire believes Jamie (Sam Heughan) to be dead after time travelling back to her 1940’s life, leaving him to deal with the Battle of Culloden. But as the season three trailer suggests, Jamie not only survives, but finds his way back to Claire 20 years later.

The pair also have a daughter Jamie’s never met, Claire’s realized her dream of becoming a doctor and has some major drama with her husband Frank, who as fans of the show know, has a “complicated” part to play in the series, featuring in both the 1940s and as Black Jack Randall in the 1740s.

Something not complicated was the pair’s reaction to Heughan’s Men’s Health South Africa cover.

'Outlander' Stars Talk Sam Heughan's Men's Health Cover

"That's a lot of chicken" 😂😂 Outlander stars Tobias Menzies & Caitriona Balfe talk Sam Heughan's 🔥🔥🔥 cover

Posted by ET Canada on Monday, July 31, 2017


To read more &  watch more videos go to the Source: ‘Outlander’ Stars Sound Off On Sam Heughan’s Men’s Health Cover, Talk Confusing Season 3 | ETCanada.com

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The Cool Way Outlander Crossed Over With Black Sails

Outlander has been taking viewers back to the 18th century for the past few years. Claire’s accidental journey through time from the 1940s to the 1700s resulted in a love story that has taken her and her husband Jamie all throughout Scotland and France. The upcoming third season will take the lovebirds farther than ever before, and it turns out that the show was able to crossover with Starz’ Black Sails in a pretty unexpected way. Executive producer Ron Moore revealed the way Outlander crossed over with Black Sails at San Diego Comic-Con, saying this:

“We were able to use the Black Sails sets. It’s a fantastic facility with full blown tall ships. We were down there for three months, almost four. We used a lot of the Black Sails crew and technical advisors.”

Yes, the two Starz series will soon have ships and sets in common as well as a network. Traveling on the ocean was obviously a huge deal for Black Sails, and it seems that the Outlander crew was determined to make sure that its scenes at sea will look just as intricate and genuine. Outlander spent months down in South Africa filming on the Black Sails sets, with even the Black Sails crew and techs on hand to help them out. If the scenes on deck are going to look and feel as authentic on Outlander as they did on Black Sails, I think we’ll be able to understand why poor seasick Jamie was so stricken.

Given that Black Sails actually came to an end in April after four seasons, the sea-faring scenes of Outlander might be a fun blast from the past for fans of both series. Ron Moore’s comments are also good news for readers of Diana Gabaldon’s book series, as it sounds like Season 3 will be able to do justice to what amounts to a huge chunk of the third book.

Warning: spoilers ahead for the third book of Diana Gabaldon’s Outlandersaga, called Voyager.

In Voyager, Claire and Jamie end up leaving Scotland behind and setting sail after young Ian Murray is kidnapped and taken to the West Indies to be sold as a slave. The book definitely earns its name, as there are plenty of voyages to be found in Voyager, and the characters go for quite a while without spending much time on solid ground. Diana Gabaldon has already said that Season 3 will be more faithful to her books than Season 2 was, so fans have had reason to expect some fantastic episodes with Jamie and Claire at sea. The Black Sails crew and sets should allow Season 3 to deliver something truly spectacular.

The early footage for Outlander Season 3 (which we broke down in gif form) is focused on reuniting Claire and Jamie after their heartbreakingly long separation. We haven’t gotten a look at the Black Sails ships just yet, and we may have a while still to wait. A lot needs to happen before Claire and Jamie set off on the next leg of adventure together. When last we saw them, they weren’t even in the same century.

Outlander will return to Starz for Season 3 on Sunday, September 10 at 8 p.m. ET. Check out our rundown of what we know so far about Season 3 for a peek ahead, and swing by our fall TV premiere schedule for all the other dates for returning TV series.

Source: The Cool Way Outlander Crossed Over With Black Sails

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Outlander: Brianna and Roger’s Relationship Is a Slow Burn 

Move over Jamie and Claire, there’s a new couple on Outlander!

The slow-building relationship between the Frasers’ daughter, Brianna (Sophie Skelton), and Roger Wakefield (Richard Rankin) will continue during the upcoming third season of the time-traveling romance drama. TV Guide spoke with the two young stars about how their relationships unfolds, and we have one piece of advice for Outlander fans: be patient.

“With Brianna and Roger, they don’t communicate very well even though they are the only people in the world who understand each other,” Skelton tells TV Guide. “There’s that beautiful infuriation. You just want them to sit down, tell each other how they feel and move the relationship forward that way.”

Outlander‘s Tobias Menzies Teases a “Fitting End” to Black Jack Randall

Despite the frustrating development of the relationship, there’s no doubt that these two lovebirds care very much about each other, and their extremely unique circumstances help foster a one-of-a-kind bond.

“I don’t think they know where they are half the time or what’s going on. It’s just all this searching for Jamie,” Rankin weighs in. “They develop a real need for each other as anything else. It’s going to be exciting to watch their relationship unfold.”

Outlander Season 3 premieres Sept. 10 at 8/7c on Starz.

Source: Outlander: Brianna and Roger’s Relationship Is a Slow Burn | TVGuide.com

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Outlander Star Sam Heughan’s Workout Ethics Lands Him on Men’s Health Mag Cover

Outlander star Sam Heughan was recently featured in the South African edition of Men’s Health magazine.

Sam is an avid workout enthusiast who prides himself on getting up at the crack of dawn to get his reps in.

When Outlander filming took them to South Africa for season 3 filming of course Sam had to find a favorite spot to keep his yummy muscles tone so he spent his workout time in Roark gyms and this is where the Men’s Health magazine also did their photo shoot featuring Sam.

You can read the complete article here by clicking on the pages/pictures to enlarge them.


Roark Gyms South Africa



Facebook live chat with Sam & Roark Gyms

Live chat with Sam Heughan about all things fitness!

Posted by Roark Gyms on Saturday, June 17, 2017


More of Sam at Roark Gyms South Africa

Today was the culmination of countless hours of hard work as @samheughan had his @menshealthza shoot. —————————- Sam truly is one of the most genuine, down to earth and hard working people you could wish to meet. His work ethic is unmatched, and he deserves every success in the world. It’s been a privilege to work with someone so dedicated to his craft. —————————- People see the suits and the red carpets. They see the hit TV shows and the fame. They don’t see the 3am pick ups for set or the thousands of meters rowed. They don’t see the painful dieting or the calloused hands from hundreds of reps with a barbell. If you want success – if you genuinely and truly desire to be better – you need to work. Hard. That’s the secret. —————————- #roarkgyms #buildingbetterhumans

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From Men’s Health South Africa @menshealthza

ON SALE TOMORROW! August issue coming in HOT 👊🏽 Our cover guy @samheughan shares the training plan that got him in TOP shape for his role in @outlander_starz – and chats about his awesome philanthropy work with @mypeakchallenge 💪🏽 Keep an eye on our Facebook page later this week for a BRUTAL workout video series we shot with Sam and his trainer @roarkjames_ from @roarkgyms 👊🏽👊🏽👊🏽 FYI: if you live outside South Africa and you want to get your hands on the mag, you can buy a digital copy at bit.ly/menshealthsa OR for a print copy, email your contact details and address to tellmh@media24.com and we’ll send you courier info! #fitness #muscle #mondaymotivation #fitspo #outlander #samheughan

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‘Outlander’ Season 3: What We Learned From the TCA Panel

Spoilers below for the third season of Outlander.

First thing’s first: Yes, Claire and Jamie will reunite in the third season of Starz’s Outlander, but not before Jamie faces off in a final, epic battle with the evil Black Jack Randall. As series creator Ronald D. Moore and the Outlander cast explained at the Television Critics Association press tour on Friday, fans will have to wait a while until the newlywed Frasers see each other again.

“The great gift of doing a series like this is you get time to really get to know your character and explore different elements,” star Caitriona Balfe, who plays Claire Randall Fraser, said at the TCA panel. “This season in particular, being able to create this woman over a certain period of time is really interesting.”

Balfe says that her character’s fate is particularly interesting given last season’s cliffhanger, which sent Claire back to post–World War II, separating her from Sam Heughan’s Jamie Fraser shortly before the deadly Battle of Culloden. “How does that change how they interact with people in their lives, with everything?” she said. “I loved being able to play that.”

Below, the highlights from the TCA panel about Outlander season three, which premieres on Sunday, September 10.

Black Jack Randall will get a proper send-off.
Tobias Menzies plays both historian Frank Randall and his nefarious ancestor, Jonathan “Black Jack” Randall — or at least he did until the beginning of the third season. “I think it’s a difficult story line to tie up,” Menzies admitted, saying Black Jack and Jamie “meet on the battlefield of Culloden” and that the death is filmed “almost in flashback and it’s Jamie’s hallucination as he remembers fragments of this encounter.” He added, “It’s a fitting end to a quasi love-affair.”

Claire and Jamie won’t immediately be reunited.
The newlyweds will be apart for what Moore calls “the right amount of time.” As he explained at the panel, it’s “enough [time] to build a want, a desire in the audience to get Claire and Jamie back together so they were really pushing for it and getting excited, but it wasn’t dragging along.”

But just how long, exactly? After 20 years apart, Clare and Jamie will reunite in the fifth episode of the new season. “It felt like to do that justice you had to really give it some time and some space,” Moore explained. “You don’t want to brush over it and prepare like nothing really happened.”

Don’t expect any surprise Randalls … yet.
Moore acknowledged that “the Randall family tree is very broad,” but that doesn’t mean we should expect to see other members of the family anytime soon. “There are no plans for that,” Moore said. “Tobias has been part of a key show from the beginning and it’s hard to imagine he won’t be a part of that going forward. Never say never. There could be various flashbacks. We do have a time-travel show […] we don’t have anything on the boards at the moment.”

The show isn’t going to pass the books, à la Game of Thrones.
Moore said it’s unlikely the show will ever catch up with the source material, as novelist Diana Gabaldon is quite prolific. “She will tell us the end of the story,” he explained. (Gabaldon is currently writing the ninth Outlander book, and season three will only cover the events of Voyager, the third in the series.) In other words, fans should expect the show to stick around for a long, long time: Executive producer Maril Davis says they’ll stay on as long as Starz will have them.

Filming on a boat is no fun.
Part of this third season is set in Jamaica, which meant leaving behind the Scotland sets for uncharted waters — specifically, the boats that are used in another Starz series, Black Sails. Heughan and Davis admitted they got a bit queasy, and Balfe said she almost got sick when she smelled the prop vomit that was made for one particular maritime scene.

The newest cast members know that Outlander loves sex scenes.
Sophie Skelton, who will play Jamie and Claire’s daughter, Brianna, said that her character has a “very different type of relationship” with her beau, Roger (Richard Rankin) than what we’ve come to expect from the show. “They’re both kind of geeky and they have this awkward stumble of a relationship, so I wouldn’t say they’re the sexiest … ”

“With Roger and Bree, there’s always a push and pull,” Skelton added. “They’re just as stubborn, but in a very different way. They kind of use each other as punching bags.”

Source: ‘Outlander’ Season 3: What We Learned From the TCA Panel

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