As I wait for Outlander Season 3

Well the wait is just about over Sassenachs.  Fourteen long months we have waited for Outlander season 3 to begin so we may continue the saga of Jamie & Claire Fraser.


So today is Saturday, September 9th and the season starts tomorrow at 8pm ET on the Starz channel but if Starz stays true to form from past 2 seasons they will release the episode at midnight on online or their Starz app.  We all hope they stay true to that habit.


Usually my hubby & I go to the movies on Saturday as our date day but since nothing was playing that we were interested in we opted to stay home and put our new bed together. Got us one one those adjustable ones 👍🏼


Every fews hours my hubby pops up and says something to the effect of  5 hours until Outlander or It’s almost time for the Lord of the Thighs.  That’s what he affectionately calls Jamie 🤦🏻‍♀️

So since there is still 3 hours until the season 3 first episode might be posted up.  I thought I’d just fill my time with blogging.


Well,  I was off social media for a while believe it or not and  Starz posted up a thank you to all the fans.  So I’m watching it when what do I see flash by…. this website, MY website!!! I was like OMG Starz put my website in there video I’m speechless!!!   I mean look there it is! 














Here is the entire video they sent out the the fans as a thank you for being so supportive to the show.

So. Much. Love. We want to thank all our Outlander fans for their support and enthusiasm. We can't wait for you to see Season 3!

Posted by Outlander on Saturday, September 9, 2017

So needless to say I’m like


Can we say highlight of my day!

I mean honestly we sassenachs are ecstatic that Starz crew as brought our favorite book to life. It’s us who thank you Starz, Ron Moore, Maril Davis, Matthew Roberts, Terry Dresbach & the rest of the writers, producers, & crew for all their hard work that goes on behind the scenes. It truly amazes me what goes into a huge production like Outlander. As the saying goes…it take a village.

Well, it’s 2 hours until midnight what can I get into now. 🤔
Oh right there’s laundry to fold. 😫



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