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Jamie Fraser's Leather Sporran

Brianna and Jamie Are Reunited in Outlander Episode 9

After enduring many months of Droughtlander, Outlander, and everyone’s favorite century-defying couple, is back. A lot has happened in the show’s previous three seasons, and this new chapter is no different. So Marie Claire recruited a diehard Outlander fan to keep up with all the Fraser drama this season. Buckle up, Sassenach.

This is the episode everyone has been waiting for–the first time Jamie Fraser meets his daughter, Brianna. It’s definitely worth the wait. And you’ll need a whole box of tissues. Every actor gives a good performance, especially Sophie Skelton as Brianna. But Caitriona Balfe and Sam Heughan are outstanding and seem to make everyone around them better–both have faces that express emotions subtly and beautifully, which is good since so many emotions are found in this exciting episode. Shock, fear, frustration, surprise, tenderness and love. Most of all love.

Outlander Season 4 2018

Aimee Spinks


The episode begins with a shattered Brianna returning to her room after being raped by the pirate Stephen Bonnet. That’s after losing her virginity to her true love, Roger MacKenzie–all in the same night. But she will not be deterred from her mission to find her parents, Jamie and Claire Fraser. Roger comes to find her and make up after their quarrel, but never sees her because Bonnet has forced him back to work aboard his ship. “A limb or a lass?” he asks Roger. Luckily, Brianna’s busybody maid, Lizzie has discovered that the Frasers are actually in Wilmington. A touching scene unfolds as Brianna finds Jamie relieving himself in a courtyard and approaches him. “What do you want here, lassie?” “You.” When he brushes her off, she tells him, “My name is Brianna.” Wariness turns to hope, then amazement and then great tenderness on Heughan’s expressive face. With tears in his eyes he tells her that he’s always thought of her as his wee bairn, Scottish for baby. They surprise Claire, and Balfe’s face shines with shock and joy as she hugs the daughter she thought she’d never see again. When they introduce Brianna to her cousin Ian (the charming John Hunter Bell) he accepts her right away, despite the fact that his aunt and uncle had never mentioned they had a daughter. “When it comes to you, Auntie Claire, I’ve learned it’s best not to ask too many questions.”

Outlander Season 4 2018
Aimee Spinks


A lot of plot unfolds on the way to Fraser’s Ridge. Ian tells Brianna the story of Bonnet robbing them and how guilty Jamie is because of it. Lizzie has the hots for Ian. Brianna admits to Claire that she is in love with Roger, but she sent him away, back to Scotland, back to the future. Jamie is in a constant glow, thrilled to finally meet his daughter, but shy around her. Murtagh (Duncan Lacroix), Jamie’s godfather, is waiting for them at Fraser’s Ridge. He’s been with Jamie and Claire from the beginning of their romance and he’s the only one who truly understands what a miracle it is to have their daughter with them. Crusty guy that he is, he beams and asks, “What took you so long, lass?” In the warm glow of the cabin, Brianna gets to see the tenderness and love between her parents, so different from the relationship Claire had with her other husband, the man who raised Brianna, Frank Randall.

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