5 times Caitriona Balfe brought all the tears on ‘Outlander’

Caitriona Balfe is doing some major heavy lifting as Claire Randall on Starz’s acclaimed drama “Outlander.” The fact that she has been ignored by the Emmy Awards twice now is a crying shame, but us fans know that she’s killing it every week.

To celebrate the Irish actress’ 37th birthday Tuesday (Oct. 4), we’re taking a look at her five finest moments over the first two seasons of “Outlander,” which returns for its epic third season in 2017.

5. When she tries to go back to Frank

Yes, yes, we all know that Jamie (Sam Heughan) rules and Frank (Tobias Menzies) drools. But early on, the show did a masterful job of making Frank likable and therefore making it believable that Claire would want to return to him. The sequence where they are both at the stones, desperate to find one another, is a weighty moment that contributes to the Claire-Jamie love feeling well earned later.

4. When she leaves Jamie

We dare you not to get choked up as Claire says goodbye to Jamie knowing that he’s headed to almost certain death on Culloden moor and she’s headed back to the 1940s to raise their child by herself.

3. When she finally lets Jamie go

The older Claire finds what she believes is the spot where Jamie is buried and she finally lets go of him. “Goodbye, Jamie Fraser. My love. Rest easy, soldier.” ALL THE TEARS, even though Claire isn’t really even crying.

2. When Claire must save Jamie

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After the horrific torture by Black Jack Randall (Menzies), Claire realizes what Jamie sacrificed for her and must entert he darkness with him to bring him back from the abyss.

1. ‘Faith’

You can’t pick just one moment from “Faith” because Balfe is outstanding from start to finish as Claire miscarries her baby daughter. How this didn’t earn Balfe her Emmy is beyond any understanding.

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  1. Joan Tinnin

    It tells me awards are useless. She so very much deserves Emmy after Emmy. Nothing. But as stated, we, the fans are the very lucky recipients of her amazing talents

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