Sherri aka OutlandishRDH

Gezzz… I don’t know how you feel about talking about yourself but I have a difficult time with it.  Ok…where do I start…hmmm Well I’m happily married, no children with 2 lab mixed dogs that we rescued, Kassie & Katie.  I’m big movie goer. Every Saturday my hubby, Don and I go to the movies.  Sometimes they are good movies and sometimes not so so good. I love all genre of movies really which makes it easier for us to choose when going with your man.  You know how men are they want something bang, bang shoot’em up or adventurous most of the time so it works out that we both like those kinds of movies,  Oh and did I mention that I’m a dental hygienist.  Yes, I’m well aware of the fact that people don’t like the dental office but I’m not one of those floss nagger type hygienists either.  I’m kind hearted regardless of what people tell you 😉

My pups

Kassie & my hubs, Don – Sadly our Kassie passed over the Rainbow?Bridge on 4/18/17 We miss her so much ?
Our precious Katie who has the gentlest soul I’ve ever seen in a pup ❤️


Our newest family member – Mac “Attack” He’s a bundle of energy & is giving Katie a run for her money ?



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