Amazing Outlander Season 4 Filming Photos



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Some people don’t like seeing pictures of the filming of Outlander but I love seeing the photos that our Scotland fans post for the rest of us to see. I don’t think it gives anything much away to most of us. As book readers we know what’s going to happen even if the writers do take liberties with the source material. So far even with the changes they have done the base story is the same.

I am always amazes me the things that filmmakers can do with a parking lot and some green/blue screens and these photos posted by Carol Murray on Facebook proves just want I’m saying.

It seems the Outlander cast & crew were filming the sequence where Jamie, Claire, Fergus, Ian & Rollo hitch a ride on Captain Freeman’s little rig, the Sally Ann.


“Jamie wasn’t happy. He did indeed hate boats, with a profound and undying passion, and suffered from a seasickness so acute that watching the swirl of water in a glass could turn him green.
“It’s dead calm,” I observed. “Maybe you won’t be sick.”
Jamie squinted suspiciously at the chocolate-brown water around us, then clamped his eyes shut as the wake from another boat struck the Sally Ann broadside, rocking her violently.
“Maybe not,” he said, in tones indicating that while the suggestion was a hopeful one, he also thought the possibility remote.
“Do you want the needles? It’s better if I put them in before you vomit.” Resigned, I groped in the pocket of my skirt, where I had placed the small box containing the Chinese acupuncture needles that had saved his life on our Atlantic crossing.
He shuddered briefly and opened his eyes.
“No,” he said. “I’ll maybe do. Talk to me, Sassenach—take my mind off my stomach, aye?”
“All right,” I said obligingly. ”

Excerpt From: Drums of Autumn by Diana Gabaldon


I’m sure that once we see this on our TVs this fall it will look very different than what is shown in the photos above but it’s still thrilling to see this amazing cast & crew at work.

Outlander is will return to the Starz network this fall.