Brothels, Only Outlander could make them look this inviting

Episode 306 - 01373

Oh how we love those stunning Outlander sets!  Only Outlander’s set designer, Jon Gary Steele  & his team can dress a brothel in such splendor.  From the gorgeous tapistres to the sumptuous duvets, Outlander’s version of an 18th century whorehouse might make any woman want to change her vocation.  These lavous sets spare no expense when it comes to attracting paying customers.

It’s no wonder Claire didn’t bat an eye when she entered the lady of the night’s lair. Talk about fancy! See for yourselves from these recently tweeted photos from Jon Gary Steele of his season 3 team’s handy work.

One can only guess where we’ll see these lovely fabrics when Outlander returns for season 4.
Aunt Josasta’s plantation is my best guess 😊

Here’s what Steele tweeted out about season 4.

So fans, it looks like Outlander is getting bigger & better. These sets they are building now for season 4 will be used many times over in the future when Outlander is renewed for season 5, 6…, I say when because I’m optimistic 😉 Looking forward to seeing Aunt Jocasta’s plantation, Fraser’s Ridge with it’s cabins, crofts, paddocks, and of course the Big House!

Outlander is currently filming season 4 and fingers crossed will return this fall.