Diana Gabaldon on Outlander Season 4, What May Surprise Fans

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Before the 2018 Saturn Awards, Collider’s own Steve Weintraub was able to speak with Diana Gabaldon, author of the Outlander series, about what fans can expect next from Starz’s juggernaut series. Gabaldon noted that production has just wrapped on Season 4, and the “we’re very privileged” the show was also picked up for Season 5. It’s a rarity in TV to get a two season pickup like that, although Outlander has continued to gain more viewers with each season for Starz — another rare trend.

When asked if the certainty of knowing the show will return makes a difference with potential cliffhangers for the next season, Gabaldon said that while the writers did have a scene to end things that would probably make the fandom scream, it was changed in rewrites. Of course, as she notes, it could also be changed back. Put on your speculation caps! (Or capes?)


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Gabaldon also talks about when she knew Outlanderwas going to be so popular as a series (pretty much immediately), and plays a game called “Getting to Know Your Saturn Award Nominee,” where she reveals what TV show she would want to make a guest appearance on, what she collects, and when she first knew she was meant to be a writer. Plus, she reveals what might surprise fans the most about the TV production process, including Outlander’s many multiple takes for the same scene, and how the actors start to “unravel” between takes 12 and 13 (which in this case means a lot more F bombs).

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