Everyone wants to go to “Jamie-land”

Seems we’re not the only ones obsessed with Outlander. Recently Hamilton creator/actor Lin-Manuel Miranda posted to Twitter that every time his wife, Vanessa Nadal, passed by standing stones she tired to go to “Jamie-land”.  We don’t blame you Vanessa because any of us Outlander fans that have been to Scotland have done the same thing on our trip too.


Here’s proof that even I tried to get to “Jamie-land”.


Caitriona responded saying she would trade Sam to Vanessa for some Hamilton tickets. Not sure that’s an even trade cuz Hamilton tickets are really hard to come by and lately we’ve been seeing a lot more Sam. 😜 Sorry Sam 😂

On the other hand Sam thinks that Vanessa has great taste, then again he would. 😉

Lin-Manuel thinks he’s lost his wife permanently to “Jamie-land” but Diana Gabaldon thinks otherwise because Jamie can’t sing. 😂 Good one Diana!

So Outlander fans keep trying to get those stone to cooperate cuz you never know when the doors of time will open up for you.

Look for Outlander season 4 to return to Starz on November 4th.