Hear an exclusive preview of the #Outlander season 4 soundtrack |ew.com

We may be in the midst of Droughtlander, but at least we have something for you that will make it sound a little sweeter.

EW has obtained an exclusive track from the Outlander season 4 soundtrack, which will drop later this month. One of the many compositions included in the 70-plus-minute collection is called “Fraser’s Ridge.” Here’s what composer Bear McCreary had to say about the exclusive track.

“Frequently on Outlander, I’ve used music to represent places as strongly as I do to represent characters,” he tells EW. “This season, one location in particular, Fraser’s Ridge, sparked a conversation about introducing an even more specific theme. This is the place where Jamie and Claire plant roots in America, a commitment that will continue to have narrative significance in the future. The intent was not to replace the Jamie and Claire theme, which still has a place in both our hearts, but to augment their musical identity by introducing thematic material with the sole purpose of supporting their new life in America, free from the memories of the past.”

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