How Authentic Is The Portrayal Of Native Americans In #Outlander ? |

By traveling to America in Season 4, Outlander has had to grapple with racial issues that it only skimmed the surface of in previous seasons. The show has faced criticism for how it handled race in the past because everything is filtered through the perspective of the white protagonists, who are not the people actually affected by slavery and colonization. These sensitive topics have to be approached with care and authenticity. But how authentic is the portrayal of Native Americans on Outlander?

The first photos of the show’s Native American characters were recently released to RadioTimes. Executive producer Matthew B. Roberts also spoke to the publication about how important it was to be as truthful as possible in their portrayal of Cherokee and Mohawk Nations. “Every department, from production design to costume and hair and make-up, does a huge amount of research to ensure we create a world that feels authentic to the time and place,” Roberts said.

He continued, “To build our Native American world, they have learned traditional techniques, from canoe building to hand weaving and, to populate that world, we have welcomed a great team from Canada to play both the speaking and supporting roles of the Cherokee and Mohawk Nations in Outlander Season 4.”

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