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Holy Haggis!!


The Twitter banter between Outlander’s Sam Heughan & Richard Rankin as of late has been verra entertaining to say the least. We all know that the Outlander fandom could use a break from all the drama & bull$#*% that some people like to spread. I say if you wanna spread something spread some peanut butter not the venom that I sometimes see being spewed out over social media. Let’s all play nice. Let’s spread the Outlander love.


Anywho… I’m way off why I was writing this post. What I meant to write about was the love between Rik & Sam.


It all started with this Tweet from Outlander fan Beth aka @sqrlb8 on Twitter.


Although I follow Beth on Twitter I don’t know her personally but what I do know is she is the ultimate Outlander fan. Beth cross stitches and I don’t mean…

Image result for cross stitch

When I say Beth cross stitches I mean this…

I mean every time I see her work I am in awe! So beautifully detailed!! Plus look at the $$$ she has raised for charity. GO BETH!

Well, after Beth posted her tweet about how fandom should stop pitting Rik against Sam, the following banter busted out between the two Outlander actors.

To which even Starz rolled their eyes at.


I mean really we all know they’re like twinsies. Heck, they even borrow each others clothes 😂

Well then this happened…






Well… this is what I feel about the whole thing 😉




May I suggest a Groot



I love when the Outlander cast take over a fandom problem and then just put it to bed



And to this Rik might reply..


I can’t wait to see what these two clot heids come up with next 😂




After I posted this blog Sam posted this reply to Richard about starting their relationship with sharing a plant together.


What an appropriate response from Sam 😂😂😂

On another note….


Listen to Richard Rankin aka Roger Wakefield McKenzie singing Caledonia 


You can catch the last 2 episodes of Outlander on Starz at 8pm ET


  1. Lila Cohen

    At least these two good men know how to defuse a sticky situation. They, like the directors, producers and actors are doing their job and should not be heckled. If they don’t like the show, don’t turn it on but for God’s sake, don’t ruin it for the rest of us.

  2. Ingeborg Oppenheimer

    seriously, it’s a shame sam and richard had to be drawn into the immature behavior of some fans. but if they ended up having fun with it, no harm done!

  3. adele bonaccolta

    they’re both good actors, of course we saw Sam firs, and Rik followed much later. but that doesn’t mean that there should be a contest. Sam is the leading actor, so he has the advantage, still they love what they do they both have different roles, Sam is the Head of the family and Rik is busy getting the beating of his life, good job, Rik but remember who started first. Anyway I love Outlander and I’m enjoying everyone.

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