My visit to the #Outlander exhibit at the Savannah College of Art & Design

I am a huge Outlander fan and run this website totally dedicated to show and books, but I’ve never had the pleasure go to any of the events or gatherings that have happened over the last 5 years. My husband and I ventured to Scotland in 2014 and Outlander certainly was the reason was the reason I wanted to go. Although we didn’t get to see any of the filming locations on that visit, I did get to visit Clava Cairns and see the split stone that inspired Diana Gabaldon.

I was lucky enough to venture down to Savannah, GA this past weekend and see the Outlander costume display at the Savannah College of Art and Design Museum. Although I wasn’t fortunate enough to go earlier in the month when they hosted the Outlander season 4 preview event and panel with some of the stars from the show, it was still exciting to see some of Terry Dresbach’s beautiful costume designs from season 4.

Terry’s designs are gorgeous to say the least especially her season 2 designs when Jamie and Claire where in Paris. I’d love to see those costumes but when they had them on display it was at the Paley Center in CA & NYC and that was just a wee bit too far for me to go.

The detail in Terry’s designs are beyond what I could even imagine.  The lengths they go through to make these costumes is just unbelievable. Many are hand painted, beaded, & embroidered. They even made accessories from dyed porcupine quills!

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I hope you enjoyed my photo slideshow of the pictures from the SCAD exhibit


Here are a few of  her actual sketches of her designs for Outlander characters that she has posted on her Twitter feed.  If you would like to follow Terry on Twitter her handle is @outlandercostum


Outlander is currently playing on the Starz network on Sundays at 8pm ET.


  1. Sherry Allen

    The costume exhibit was extraordinary, Sherri!! My best friend (since high school… back in the dark ages) Lynne and I went the Tuesday after the premiere of the first episode of the fourth season of Outlander!! (The exhibit opened to the public on Tuesday. There was a VIP event with the stars and Terry on Sunday, but we didn’t attend that. I do have an Outlander obsessed friend who did attend that event!! She was blown away!) We did attend the premiere and the panel interview. Let me just add that these stars are so verra funny!! They are the BEST!! This was the first time that SCAD had any costume exhibit at their museum. What a special treat it was to see it!! I have dozens of detail pictures. I was so amazed at the details of the costumes, too. Knowing that they were created by hand made them even more awe-inspiring! I was able to have the pic printed and took them to a luncheon tea at The Celtic Cup in Tullahoma arranged by the TN Hootin’ and Hollerin’ FB page admins. We also took pictures from our September 2018 trip to Scotland. We were able to visit so many of the Outlander filming sites. I suppose the highlight was actually standing on “Craig Na Dun” and having our picture made on the trunk of the tree that is so prominent in episode 101. Thank you for allowing us to glimpse your inner world of Outlander fandom. It is so good to get to know you and know you are as obsessed as I am about the wonderful show (and books)!!

    1. That’s awesome! I wish I could have gone to the VIP event. Maybe one day I will get to go to one. I have been to Scotland back in 2014. I’d love to go back and do an Outlander themed tour though. I need to get to one of the TN Outlander get togethers too. There is a Scenic City Outlander’s group on Facebook that I’m a member of, are you? Look me up 🙂

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