Need Another Vaca…

5449687516_aching_back_answer_5_xlargeOh my aching bones, joints, skin and any other part of my body.

Well…I had the bright idea of painting the trim work & baseboard in my house from stained brown to white. Great idea but bad on the this 50+ year old body. My aches have aches. I’m gonna have to cash in that massage gift certificate my hubby got me after this adventure.

My 73 year old mother actually helped me paint and if I feel like I do I hate to wonder how her body is rebelling against her.

I painted 8 solid hours on Friday and mom helped out 5 hours. We took Saturday off and my hubby and I did our usually movie matinee and shopping Then on Sunday I decided to organized and straighten the spare bedroom, make new curtains and install the new cable box. So that took another full day and I mean from 10am until about 12 midnight because I decided to do a little more painting. Today, Monday, mom and I finished things up painting I cleaned behind the beds and couches since I had to move EVERYTHING just to paint. So everything got a pretty good cleaning too.  I also put up new window blinds, washed the curtains and blankets.  Now I’m just pooped and need the next four days to recover but that’s not happening because it’s back to the office for me tomorrow.

I hope all of you had a productive, happy & healthy week!

Until next time…keep smiling!!