Outlander: Behind the scenes of the 2nd half of season 3

Outlander season 3 is winding down fast with only 4 episodes left in the season.Β  Let’s all just cry now and get it over with 😭 Then it will be another long doughtlander as the continue filming season 4 which follows the 4th book in the series Drums of AutumnΒ by Diana Gabaldon. Hopefully Outlander’s 4th season will be back in the fall of 2018.

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EW.com recently posted an article Outlander: How the ship scenes were shot and Outlandish Dram took some screenshots from the video in the article because there were some insight into what’s to come for the remainder of season 3 along with some great behind the scenes pics.


Screenshots fromΒ How the ship scenes were shotΒ