Outlander Books

Outlander, the first book in an eight book series, was written by Diana Gabaldon and published in 1991.  It was published in the UK under the alternate title of CrossStitch. The novel is the account of a WWII  English nurse named Claire Randall who, while on her second honeymoon in Scotland with husband Frank, gets some how thrown back in time to 18th Century Scotland.  She’s taken by some Scottish Highlanders who at first believe she is an English spy but she proves very useful in aiding one of their party, Jamie Fraser, who has been injured by the English Redcoats in the area.  She is then taken to their home, Castle Leoch, and this is where her life  gets very interesting.  I’ll leave the details to your own reading or if you like viewing please.

Outlander Book Series Reading Order

  1. Outlander (Cross Stitch in UK)
  2. Dragonfly in Amber
  3. Voyager
  4. Drums of Autumn
  5. Fiery Cross
  6. A Breath in Snow and Ashes
  7. Echo in the Bone
  8. Written in My Own Heart’s Blood

Lord John Series
Note: Lord John Grey is a minor character in the some of main books

  1. Lord John in Hands of the Devils/Lord John and the Hellfire Club (novella)
  2. Lord John and the Private Matter (shorter novel)
  3. Lord John in Hands of the Devils/Lord John and the Succubus
  4. Lord John and the Brotherhood of the Blade
  5. Lord John in Hands of the Devils/Lord John and the Haunted Soldier
  6. The Custom of an Army
  7. The Scottish Prisoner
  8. A Plague of Zombies

Other Between Novellas 

  1. A Leaf on the Wind of All Hallows
  2. The Space Between
  3. Virgins
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