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The Starz series presents a big bump in the road for a fan-favorite couple, and the actors involved defend their characters' stances.

One of Outlander’s heartthrobs lost a little bit of his luster in Sunday’s episode.

As Roger (Richard Rankin) moved to America and reunited with Brianna (Sophie Skelton) in 1970, fans of their slow-burn relationship thought they’d get a romantic hour as the two road-tripped across North Carolina to attend a Scottish festival together. And “The False Bride” certainly could have ended on a much happier note — had Roger not given in to his dated relationship ideals and blown everything up in one horrible moment.

Late one night, as the couple drank and got closer, Bree decided to take things to the next level with Roger and initiated what she hoped to be her first time having sex. But Roger essentially freaked out, paused their heated encounter and proposed to her.

When Bree told Roger she wasn’t ready for marriage so soon (and possibly would never be), he reacted — well, not great. He subscribed to the double standard that it was fine for him to sleep with other women before he met Bree, but he wanted to get married to Bree when she was a virgin. She slapped him and pointed out the unfairness of the situation, and when they sobered up the next day, she left him.

It was a heartbreaking end to what started as quite the optimistic and romantic episode for Roger and Bree, but perhaps the most disappointing aspect for fans was the tarnishing of what was previously a squeaky-clean image for Roger. It’s a big bump in the road for the fan-favorite couple, but possibly also the wake-up call he needed to evolve his mindset and accept a more modern outlook on sexuality and relationships.

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  1. Kesari

    What is MORE interesting is that while it felt like the entire 21C were up in arms about Jamie smacking Claire in Ep1 and couldn’t grasp it is in context (without condoning it I add), there has been NOT.ONE.WORD condemning Bree slapping Roger in about 1970. not one. double standards eh. ALso, I don’t think Roger wanted her to be a virgin specifically, he just wanted to marry her.. He had had sex with other women he didn’t love. It was a comment on how he feels about her not that he wanted her to be a virgin when they got married.. ie.. he would have totally gone through with it had she said yes..

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