#Outlander producer explains Jenny’s absence and Laoghaire’s big return | EW.com

Outlander book readers know that Jenny Murray plays a big role in “Drums of Autumn,” when Brianna travels to the 18th Century in search of her parents Jamie and Claire. Jenny welcomes Brianna in Lallybroch and shows her letters from her brother Jamie, which comes as a huge relief to Brianna because that means her dad and mom are still alive and well and living on Fraser’s Ridge.

But in Sunday’s episode of the Starz drama, Jenny — who was played by Laura Donnelly in previous seasons — is nowhere to be found and is instead greeted by her Ian (Steven Cree) and the inimitable Laoghaire (Nell Hudson). So where’s Jenny?

In an exclusive chat with EW, Executive Producer Maril Davis admits that while they “love” Donnelly, the timing just wasn’t right to feature her in the fourth season.

“In the last minute, Laura Donnelly could not be in this episode and she, unfortunately, had a prior commitment and just wasn’t able to commit,” admits Davis. “We love Laura, we love the character Jenny and she’s such a spark to any season. Obviously, Jenny and Ian aren’t in this season as much as some of the other characters but every time they show up, we just love them. They are fan favorites. We had every intention of having a Brianna and Jenny but we waited and we kept dragging our feet, quite honestly, because we thought we could convince her and the schedules would change. We could move our schedule and accommodate her but at the end of the day, it just didn’t work out so we scrambled to come up with another story.”

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