‘Outlander’ producer explains why Young Ian punishment was changed

Any reader of Diana Gabaldon’s Voyager knows that Young Ian is forced to endure 12 cracks of a whip for sneaking out of Lallybroch to join Jamie in Edinburgh. And Young Ian’s dad makes Jamie do the deed because “ye’ve said often enough ye care for him as though he were your son,” the elder Ian says in the book. But in Sunday’s episode of Outlander on Starz, young Ian (John Bell) not only escaped corporal punishment but failed to whip Jamie in return — something that also happened in the book because Jamie feels guilty for his role in his nephew’s misdeed.

“He did get off pretty lightly, to be honest,” cracks Jamie’s alter-ego, Sam Heughan to EW.

It turns out executive producer Matthew B. Roberts and the writers “went round and round about” the thrashing when writing the script more than a year ago, but decided against it because they had already planned to include a whipping scene earlier in the season.



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