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It’s a grim week in Outlander as Jamie and Claire go on the camping trip from hell, Brianna reads minds, and Roger pretends to travel through time. Tara Ward recaps episode 11 of season four.

This week’s episode of Outlander was a riverboat of misery floating aimlessly on an ocean of misfortune. Our beloved Frasers scrambled to make the best of last week’s hectic “Roger was sold to the Mohawk” situation, so there were no baby goats, no mashed potatoes, barely a skerrick of donkey-related hijinks. Sure, there was some sexy time in a tent, but that was without even a glimpse of a single Fraser butt check, so it doesn’t count.

But as esteemed philosopher D:Ream said in the ‘90s, things can only get better. Everyone was full of hope, because they kept saying so. Claire and Jamie hoped to find Roger, Jocasta hoped to find Brianna a husband, Ian hoped Claire and Jamie would make up, and Marsali hoped Murtagh would take his boots off the blankets.

I hoped I’d never hear anyone say “hope” again, unless they were referring to a Jamie Fraser wood-chopping montage or some tiny goats dancing to a jaunty banjo soundtrack.

Jamie, Claire and Ian continued their search for Roger, but this was the camping trip from hell. Things were tenser than the time Jamie stuck pins in his face and said he’d never be caught with a banana on a French frigate. His ego was battered by Brianna’s love for Frank, a man who won’t be born for another 200 years and who once sniffed his wife’s skirts to deduce if she was telling the truth about travelling through time.

Luckily for us, there’s no situation the Frasers can’t dry hump their way out of. “I’m sorry,” Claire said. “No, I’m sorry,” Jamie replied. Actually, I’m sorry, what are these two doing having tent sex while poor Roger’s being pummelled to death again? Get back on that fecking donkey and find the lovable idiot ASAP, so we can all move on with our lives.

Also moving on with her life was Brianna, who spent her days at River Run rubbing her stomach just like I do when I get a food baby from eating too many bread rolls. Is it weird that 1970s college student Brianna had no issues living on a slave plantation? We’ll never know, because Jocasta distracted Brianna with a dinner party filled with prospective new husbands. It was The Bachelorette 18th Century style, and this was a rose ceremony like no other.

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  1. Susan

    Geeeeezzzzzzz what an ignorant unintelligentable montage of rabbling negative words. Camping trip from hell? Nothing went wrong on this trip, pretty simple backpacking trip on horses. And what did you expect Brianna to do about Jocasta’s slaves? Have a nasty attitude like Claire did? Like that changed anything. Unless you think putting up walls between members of family is the thing to do. Brianna is Jocasta’s guest. She needs a place to live and help delivering her baby. She is being polite and trying to make the best out of a bad situation.

    I think you ought to learn manners and how important that word hope is. Or maybe you’re as hopeless as your words reveal you to be.

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