#Outlander Reveals First New Cast Member for Season 5 and He’s a Cutie

Droughtlander has been in full force since the end of January. Shooting for season 5 began just a few months ago and there has be very little leaked out. Today Starz released a photo of Outlander’s newest cast member for season 5 that will follow Diana Gabaldon’s 5th book in the series, A Fiery Cross.

This new cast member won’t have much to say during his scenes other than a hiss or a swipe of his tail because the newest member of the Outlander clan is none other than Adso the cat!

This cheetie might just steal the show! I hope Rollo doesn’t mind sharing screen time with him because it looks like wee Adso already is developing a diva attitude 🤣

Sam better not spoil him too much and Caitriona better not let her cat, Eddie, see her playing up to Adso. We don’t need a cat fight on set. 🤣🤣🤣

I personally think that Adso and Sam make a purrrfect couple, don’t you.

Outlander returns to Starz…well…we don’t know yet but hopefully before 2020 but don’t hold your breath.


  1. Kim Olson

    The New Cast Member who plays Adso looks very comfortable sitting on top of Sam Heughan’s shoulders, after all Sam has plenty of room on beautiful broad shoulders for him to sit.

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