Outlander Season 3 Teaser to Air & Promo Photos Released

Today Starz announced that they would air an Outlander teaser Sunday, April 16th right before the  premiere of new limited series “The White Princess” airing at 8pm ET/PT

They also released a few promotional photos featuring Jamie Fraser played by the dashingly handsome Sam Heughan

Jamie Fraser - Outlander S3

Also this photo of Claire Randall Fraser played by the lovely Caitriona Balfe & her 20th century husband Frank Randall played by the wonderful Tobias Menzies.

Claire & Frank

Outlander writer Matt Roberts has been throwing out the fans a few pics every few days or so also via Instagram and Twitter.


Feeling the heat #outlander

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Recently the Outlander cast & crew took over the Outlander Starz Instagram account and this is what they gave the fans.

That is actually Sam Heughan aka Jamie Fraser on the bike in front of one of the ships being used at the Cape Town South Africa studios. These ships were also used in the Starz show Black Sails.

“Is that a sail thru coffee place…” #Outlander ? @nightmaril

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Jamie & Claire on the deck of the Artemis with a take out coffee…hmmmm I don’t think they had such types of cups in the 18th Century. Claire must have too a quick trip back through the stones for that coffee break ?


“It takes a lot of makeup.” #Outlander ? Diana Gabaldon

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Nice chat with Caitriona, Diana, & Sam.

“Ahoy from the Artemis!” #Outlander ?@nightmaril

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Shall we go sailing?

Watching the magic. #Outlander ?Diana Gabaldon

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Is this Jamie’s whisky stash??? ?

Views from the Artemis. #Outlander ? @caitrionabalfe

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I spy Fergus & Marsali & friend

“Wish you were here!” #Outlander ? @LaurenLyle7

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And here is our bike riding Outlander hunk… ummm shouldn’t that be a horse though?

“Fit work.” #Outlander ? Team @samheughan

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“Room for a small one?” #Outlander – ? @caitrionabalfe

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Hope you enjoyed our wee post and stay tuned to Outlandish Dram for more updates on Outlander season 3