Outlander Season 4 New Cast Members – Updated 10/21/18

outlander Season 4 will follow the book Drums of Autumn by Diana Gabaldon.
Outlander returns to Starz on November 4, 2018
New Cast Members
Oliver Finnegan
Oliver Finnegan cast as William Ransom
Kyle Rees cast as John Quincy Meyers
Trevor Carrol
Trevor Carroll cast as Otter Tooth
Urs Rechn
Urs Rechn cast as Gerhard Meuller
Wesley French
Wesley French cast as Chief Nawohali
Tantoo Cardinal
Tantoo Cardinal cast as Adawhei
(Nayawenne in book version)
Elysia Welch
Elysia Welch cast as Morag
Sera-Lys McArthur
Sera-Lys McArthur cast as Johiehon
Simona Brown cast as Gayle
Natalie Simpson cast as Phaedre
Caitlin O’Ryan cast as Lizzie Wemyss
Billy Boyd cast as Gerald Forbes
Alec Newman cast as Joseph Wemyss
Tim Downie cast as Governor William Tryon 
Leon Herbert cast as Eutroclus
Ainsley Jordan cast as Judith Wylie
Craig McGinlay cast as Andrew MacNeill
Colin McFarlane cast as Ulysses (Aunt Jocasta’s butler)

Maria Doyle Kennedy cast as Aunt Jocasta

Ed Speleers cast as Stephen BonnetCameron Jack cast as Overseer Byrnes
Geoffrey Newland cast as Lillington
This pair of cuties have been cast to play Rollo, Young Ian’s faithful sidekick

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