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Outlander season 5 filming is fully underway and you can get your fix during Droughtlander as we’ll be dedicating this page to all the news related to season 5. So be sure to check back regularly as we will be posting all the new photos, videos, casting news and anything related to season 5 right here.

The Official Season 5 Trailer

Clip from Season 5 Episode 1
Jame, Claire & Bree
The Fraser's

Updated 11/15/19

Jon Tarcy
Jon Tarcy cast as Isaiah Morton
Ned Dennehy
Ned Dennehy cast as Lionel Brown
Chris Larkin
Chris Larkin cast as Richard Brown
Anna Burnett
Anna Burnett cast as Alicia Brown

Updated 11/12/19

Chris Donald as Phillip Wylie

Bronwyn James
Bronwyn James cast as Fanny Beardsley

Updated 10/10/19

Alistair Findlay
Alistair Findlay cast as Duncan Innes

Updated 10/7/19

Paul Gorman
Paul Gorman cast as the twins
Josiah and Keziah Beardsley
Hugh Ross
Hugh Ross cast as Arch Bug

Updates 9/24/19

Matthew Cottle
Matthew Cottle cast as Hubert Sherston

Andy Apollo
Andy Apollo cast as Captain Marsden

Update 9/13/19

 Louis & Logan Stevenson as Jem
Meet Louis & Logan Stevenson cast as Jemmy MacKenzie
The son of Roger & Brianna MacKenzie
Photo Credit: I Love Outlander

Updated 8/13/19

Matthew and Andrew
Matthew and Andrew cast as ???
We are guessing these twins maybe playing Germaine Fraser
Fergus & Marsali’ oldest child.

Update 8/5/19

Samantha Dakin
Samantha Dakin
Cast as Nurse Atwell

Update 7/18/19

Samuel Collings
Samuel Collings
Cast as Edmund Fanning

Leonard Cook
Leonard Cook
Cast as ???

Alexander Hurry
Alexander Hurry cast as Fraser’s Ridge Tenant
Mark Barrett
Mark Barrett
Cast as ????
Our Guess William Buckley McKenzie
not confirmed

Joe Maitland
Joe Maitland
Cast as Plantation Owner / Gambler
Christopher McPhillips
Christopher McPhillips
Cast as Private Stevens 

Update 7/14/19

New fan photos from recent filming in Paisley town centre in Scotland. From the style of Catriona’s hair it looks as if they’ve been filming some flashbacks.

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The first new season 5 cast member announced was Adso the cheetie. Isn’t he the sweetest grey fur ball you ever seen. I can just see him and Rollo going at it and I’m sure I know who would win in that fight 😂

Adso the Cheetie
Meet Adso the Cheetie

Outlandish Journeys has provided some pretty cool behind the scenes filming clips. We get to see a lot of Duncan Lacroix who plays Murtagh, Jamie’s Godfather. Looks like they might be doing a regulator scene or two in this clip. Be sure to subscribe to Outlandish Journey’s YouTube channel

The following photos are thanks to Stewart (@stewart9395) on Twitter.


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