Outlander Season 5 – Casting & Filming Updates

Watch this space for Outlander season 5 casting and filming updates.

Outlander season 5 has just begun filming and Outlander fans are happy to hear that both Sam Heughan (Jamie Fraser) and Caitriona Balfe (Claire Fraser) have taken on roles as producers of the Starz hit series. There were many complaints about season 4 from the fandom some of the loudest outcries due to  omitting the beloved scenes of Jamie and Claire at the birth of their grandchild.  A big let down for this fan too.  There were also numerous other issues and wasted minutes on film in my opinion too but it’s over and done and we fans will just have to move on and hope that Sam and Caitriona can save their characters as well as the rest of the Outlander series.

Season 5 New Characters

Characters we’re looking forward to see in season 5

  • Murdina & Arch Bugg

  • Josiah & Keziah Beardsley

  • Adso the cat

  • Hermon Husband

  • Isaiah Morton

  • Thomas, Malvia & Allen Christie

  • Germaine Fraser (Toddler)

  • Jemmy (Jeremiah MacKenzie -Toddler)

  • Fanny Beardsley

  • Aaron Beardsley

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