Outlander Stars get extended break between season 4 & 5

In a recent interview with Digital Spy following the BAFTA awards, Outlander’s Caitriona Balfe stated that they would be getting and extended hiatus when shooting for season 4 is complete.

What does this mean for season 5? Could they be pushing back it’s airing date to 2020?  I feel a fan revolt if they this happens.

Not that the stars don’t deserve a longer break between season to rest or explore other filming/career offers, but darn it we need our Jamie and Claire fix. 😂

It takes approximately 9 months to shoot a season of Outlander. Let’s analyze this a bit further 🤔 Season 4 is about to wrap up filming soon and comes back to Starz in November with 13 episodes. So from June to November is 5 months. So by my calculations they may be going to start shooting season 5 after the1st of the year (2019).

My thinking is that since they are filming in (and using) Scotland for North Carolina and Scotland can have some pretty harsh weather, they may want to try to get some more “summer” like scenes in their filming. North Carolina can be pretty freaking hot in the summer ye ken.

Photo by Snaphammy.com

Also their filming may be a bit easier in the sense that they now have an actual “home”.  Outlander won’t be moving around so much once Jamie & Claire establish themselves on Fraser’s Ridge, thus making logistics of filming a bit easier and hopefully faster.

This is not to say they never leave their home place but they always return back there. So it just might be possible that season 5 could start the end of 2019 but I’m not holding my breath and neither should you.  Just be happy that Outlander is renewed for 2 more seasons 👏🏻👏🏻

Outlander season 4 will return to the Starz network in November.

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