Outlander Stars Give Scoop and a ‘Grandad Dance’ Tutorial

Outlander fans have much to celebrate–but perhaps even more to worry about–when it comes to Roger and Bree in season four.

When E! News visited the show’s set in Scotland and asked how worried we should be about their characters on a scale of 1 to 10, Richard Rankin and Sophie Skelton both immediately shot back “10!”

“[Roger] just leaps straight forward and thinks with his heart in this one,” Rankin said, “and he gets himself into some tricky situations…with his history books and his teaching at Oxford University. It all becomes very heightened and dramatic. Students’ grades are dropping–he blames himself. He feels like he’s not teaching effectively. ‘What am I doing wrong?’!”

And that, dear friends, is precisely what is not happening on Outlander in season four. But Richard’s delivery was stellar, so make sure you watch the video above–as well as the ridiculously awesome “Grandad Dance Tutorial” video below. (We’ll get to that. But make sure you stretch before you watch!)

Watch the video interview 

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