#Outlander – The Big House??

A leaked photo of what looks to be the “big house” on Fraser’s Ridge popped up on social media. The “Big House” is the home that Jamie & Young Ian build after settling on Fraser’s Ridge once the their community begins to grow.

Fraser’s Ridge is the name of the land track that Governor Tryon gives to Jamie Fraser and consists of 10,000 acres which Jamie begins to settle with his wife Claire and his nephew Ian.

Later, Jamie then rounds up many of the men he was in Ardsmuir prison with to help develop their own little community in North Carolina.

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Photo was taken near Callander, Scotland by Sandy Sargent
NOTE: This is not confirmed as the Fraser’s Ridge “Big House”.

The following was taken from WIKI Outlander

The Big House

Jamie starts to build the Big House in the summer of 1769. In early September, he goes to Cross Creek to buy glass windows for the house as a surprise for Claire. The foundation for the house is laid and the rooms are marked out.

Construction of the house is delayed by several months following the tumult of rescuing Roger from the Iroquois. Upon their return in early summer of 1770, Jamie continues work on the house, his progress spurred on by the cramped, tense conditions in the small cabin. By autumn it is complete, a two-story “modest frame house, white-washed and shingle-roofed” with glass windows.

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