Outlander: Why Sam Heughan strayed from the book to become four-eyed Jamie

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Whoa. Now this is a new look for Jamie Fraser.

In Sunday night’s episode of Outlander, called “A. Malcolm,” Jamie (Sam Heughan) sports a pair of Benjamin Franklin-like bifocals while working the press in his print shop. While his need for magnification wasn’t specified in Voyager, Diana Gabaldon’s best-selling novel on which the show’s third season is based, Heughan thought it would be a good idea to incorporate eyeglasses to help change his image.

“It was my idea,” Heughan tells EW proudly. “They [the producers] will claim it is theirs. But I sent an email to Ron Moore last year saying, ‘How about glasses?’ It’s not something in the books but I thought it would be a nice surprise. It’s a weakness of Jamie’s. He doesn’t have many. It’s nice, and it’s something we can play off. It’s kind of a disguise as well. He plays so many different characters and I felt when we first see Jamie, it would nice to see him as a completely different character, a gentrified Edinburgh man who has his own business.”

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  1. Sherrie Burkhardt

    I have read all the books, several times in fact, since I own them ! And I love how closely the series is staying to the books, but I also love the little changes that have been made. The eye glasses, are a great idea. Keep up the phenomenal work. Love love love Jamie and Clare ! Did I use the word “love” enough ? 😂😂

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