Outlander writer Anne Kenney leaving series

Writer Anne Kenney recently let it be know that she will be living the Outlander franchise for new challenges.

Anne wrote several episodes for the Starz production including The Way Out, Lallybroch, The Fox’s LairUseful Occupations and Deceptions & Hail Mary.  But the episode that fans love her for is The Wedding.  Oh sooooo good! Kenney also wrote episode 2 for Outlander season 3 no title has been released yet.


When ask by a fan, Outlander Embassy on Twitter if she would be writing for season 4 Kenney replied with the following tweet.


Many well wishes and sad farewells were tweeted to Ms. Kenney by the Outlander fandom.

When the following tweet came in today.

Anne replied…

So there is still hope that Anne might voyage back to the Outlander shores again some day.

Anne is also know for her writing on L.A. Law, Switched at Birth, Greek, & Beautiful People just to name a few.

We at Outlandish Dram wish Ms. Kenney the best on her new adventures.

Outlander is set to hit our TV screens in September although no exact date has been announced by the Starz network yet.