Outlander TV Series

Outlander is an original TV series that airs on the Starz channel in the US.

In June 2013, Starz announced it had picked up the series for a 16-episode order and production started in October 2013.  The first 8 episodes began airing  in August of 2014 with the remaining 8 episodes  began airing April 4,  2015.

The first season of Outlander follows the first book in the Gabaldon book series also known as “Outlander”. The second season of the TV series will follow the second book in the series “Dragonfly in Amber”.

At this time it is not known if there will be a season 3 but since Starz renewed the series for a second season of at least 13 episodes on August 15, 2014, right after the pilot aired, fans are keeping their fingers cross that a third season will be announced some time in April.

Gabaldon is a paid consultant on the series.  Creator and executive producer Ron Moore said the following of the pilot episode, “There’s a lot of things we did in the first 30 to 40 minutes that aren’t in the book or are compilations of things that happened in the book.” He also emphasized that he did not want to present the time-travel elements in a traditional special effects-laden science fiction manner.

Released February 10, 2015

Outlander Soundtrack

OUTLANDER Original Television Soundtrack, Vol. 1 in digital and CD formats on February 10, 2015



Track List:
1. People Disappear All The Time
2. Outlander – The Skye Boat Song (feat. Raya Yarbrough) [Castle Leoch version]
3. Dance Of The Druids (feat. Raya Yarbrough)
4. Fallen Through Time
5. Castle Leoch
6. Comin’ Thro’ The Rye
7. The Woman Of Balnain (feat. Gillebrìde MacMillan)
8. Mrs. Fitz
9. The Losing Side Of History
10. Clean Pease Strae
11. The Marriage Contract
12. The Wedding
13. The Veil Of Time

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