Episode 2: Castle Leoch


Outlander episode Castle Leoch aired on 8/16/14 at 9pm ET on Starz

Synopsis: Claire is brought to Castle Leoch under suspicion as an English spy. Learning that the year is 1743, she tries to arrange travel back to the standing stones. Colum MacKenzie uses her ability as a healer as an excuse to detain her.

My Thoughts

Well…I hope you’ve had a chance to watch episode 2 because oh boy things are starting to heat up. If not, well this is how things go down at Castle Leoch.

IMG_0646Jamie and the Clan MacKenzie boys arrive at Castle Leoch with Claire in tow to the hugs and kisses of Mrs. Fitzgibbon but Mrs. Fitz, as everyone at the castle refers to her as, has a wary eye on the mysterious woman that has accompanied them back from their travels. Jamie explains that Dougal, his uncle, has ordered Claire to stay at the castle. Mrs. Fitz, gives Claire the once over wondering what in the world is this English woman doing running round in the woods in nothing but her undergarments. She tries to get Claire to come with her to get better or shall I say “more” clothing on but Claire speaks up and tell her Jamie needs a wound tended , which Jamie of course being the testosterone filled man that he is replies he’s fine and doesn’t need tending too. Mrs. Fitz then questions Claire about being a “charmer” or a “Beaton” who are a family of healers. Claire then explains that she’s neither a charmer or a Beaton but she does know something about healing to which Mrs. Fitz then tells Jamie he’s to go with Claire and get patched up and no one better question Mrs. Fitz when she gives and order…hehehe

While Claire is redressing Jamie’s musket shot wound she sees his terrible scared back and without any questions from her Jamie begins to tell the story of how the scars came to be. He explains that four years ago the English had put a levy on the people and they were going about the farms to collecting. He was out in the fields and his sister, Jenny, was up at the main house when he heard her yelling. Her runs up to the house to find to Redcoats viciously man handling Jenny. So he beats them off of her and as she running into the house Black Jack Randall catches her puts a gun to her throat . Jamie then surrenders to the Redcoats to try to save his sister. But Randall being the SOB that he is proceeds to rip the bodice off her grown exposing her breasts to everyone, saying how Bonnie she is. Jamie tries to turn his face from seeing his sister’s naked body but Black Jack makes his soldiers pull Jamies head up so he has to look at her.

Randall then ties Jamie in the opening of the gates to his own home and proceeds to flog him with a horse whip trying to get Jenny to give in and go in to the house for “better entertainment” Jamie bucks up and tells Jenny that even if Randall cuts his throat NOT to go into the house with him….but she does. The flogged him twice within a week. Jamie tries to make light of situations about waking up in a wagon full of chickens and that chickens aren’t very good traveling companions.

Claire continues to tend to Jamies injuries and Jamie tells her she has a good touch and her husband is very lucky. Claire pulls away from Jamie at this comment and looks very sorrowful. Jamie notices this and asks her “is he not alive” to which Claire replies “no actually he’s not alive” she then breaks down and starts sobbing at the thought of her husband, Frank and what he must be going through looking for his lost wife. Jamie tries to console her. Embracing her she sobs on his shoulder. This scene broke my heart. You could just see how it hurt Jamie is to see Claire in distress.

Claire breaks the embrace and apologies to him. Jamie then tells her that “she needn’t be scairt of him or anyone else as long as she is with him”. He then tells her to get some rest because Colum will want to talk to her later.

Claire then rolls out of bed at 5pm having slept the day away with Mrs. Fitz rushing about room hurrying Claire up to wash up and get dress. I must say the “Claire hair” was working overtime because it looked just like what my mom would call a “rats nest”. hehehehe
Mrs. Fitz then proceeds to strip Claire of her dirty clothes and when she sees her bra and panties.  She says “what kind of corset is that” and the look on her face is priceless. Claire tells her it’s a brassiere from France.  Yikes! I’m sure glad we don’t have to wear as many layers as they did in the 18th Century. corsetIt was so funny seeing Claire’s face when Mrs Fitz was dressing her and lacing up that corset.

The next scene Claire is taken to Colum’s office for a nice “chat” shall we say.  While waiting on Colum, the Laird, to arrive she looks around the room trying to find something with the date on it so she can figure out how to approach things.  I guess it’s a good thing that her modern day husband was a historian as she will need to rely on what Frank has told her to fool them into thinking she is from 1743.

Using techniques Frank had told her about interrogations she explains to Colum how and why she happened to be in the area of the Redcoats. Of course he is skeptical of her explanation but doesn’t press her.  Later that evening at dinner he continues his sneaky interrogations while filling her with food and wine.  Claire makes the mistake of thinking the young boy Hamish is Dougal’s son (or did she??) when he walks up the the dining table because she saw the boy and Dougal doing swordplay earlier in the day. She gets some wary looks from Colum, wife Letitia  and Dougal.  She then excuses herself from dinner.

The next afternoon she inquires as to where Mr. MacTavish is referring to Jamie using the excuse that she needs to change his bandages.  So Mrs. Fitz tells her where the stables are and Claire  goes to deliver him lunch. On her way there she notices Rupert watching her every move. There they sit and have a nice little conversation about  Jamie eating grass while hiding out because there was a price on his head for murder which he didn’t commit and of how some friends got him away from the Redcoats after being flogged twice, having fevers and nearly dying.  Claire tells Jamie not to get flogged or stabbed but he’s not making any promises.

As she leaves the stables she runs into Rupert which is a really funny scene.  But Claire gives him a piece of her mind about Dougal putting him up to spying on her.  Rupert in his silly way proceeds to tell her she better be glad it’s not Angus following her because he’s not so nice a fellow and likes the “wee beasties” if ya ken what I mean …hehehehe  Claire later confronts Dougal about having her followed and he, in no uncertain terms tells her he thinks she’s an English spy and will be continuing to watch her every move. So Claire decides to give him nothing to watch other than the boring routine of everyday life.

The next day Claire is out gathering mushrooms when she meets Geillis Duncan.  They strike up a conversation regarding different herbs and plants.  When Geillis eludes to the fact that the locals thinks she is a witch which she coyly denies.  Gelillis tells her she hope to see her later that evening at the “Hall”.  Hall is when the villagers bring their disputes before the Laird so he may bring judgement upon them.

Durning  “Hall” a gentleman brings his 16 year old daughter, Laoghaire before the Laird, Colum, because she has been behaving “loose” with the boys.  Jamie volunteers to take the girls punishment.  So Jamie is brutally punched and kicked until blood is drawn all the while Dougal is directing the punisher with looks and nods of the head.  hmmmm what could be going on behind the scenes with Dougal. Well, we’ll just have to wait and see.

Once again Claire has to tend to Jamie’s wounds and ask him why he did that for a girl he admits he barely knows. He tells her that the young lady would be embarrassed and it would take her a long time to get over it where as for him he just be sore for a few days.  During this she tells Jamie that she’s leaving with the Tinker the next day to go back to Inverness.

The next day as she’s going to meet the Tinker, Dougal informs her that Colum wants to see her.  She returns to the castle where she meets Colum in the Davey Beaton’s old surgery.  Colum proceeds to tell her that she’s staying at the castle as their “guest” and new “Beaton” (healer).  Claire then says to him “don’t you mean prisoner”.  Colum tells her “not as long as you don’t try to leave” and shuts the door on her.

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