Episode 3: The Way Out


Outlander episode The Way Out aired on 8/23/14 at 9pm on Starz

Synopsis: Claire’s abilities as a healer puts her at odds with the town priest when she saves a boy’s life, and deepens the suspicions against her. Hearing a folk-tale, Claire realizes that she may be able to travel back through the stones to Frank.

My Thoughts

Holy Sassenach… what an episode!!  We had exorcisms, poisons, sneaky underhandedness, smoochin’, farting, belching and ear nailings.   Lawwwd…could ya fit any more into an hour.  One thing that was missing was Jamie didn’t get stabbed or flogged…hehehehe  Guess they gave him the night off from fighting and scratching. Poor Claire had Angus as shadow most of the episode and he got fed up with her traipsing all over the countryside and hanging around Geillis.  He was a hoot though.
Ok…on with the synopsis..

We open up with a flashback of Claire and Frank at the train station where Claire is being sent to the front lines of WWII. Frank is none to pleased with this but understands that Claire is not the type of woman to shirk her duties.
Next we have Mrs. Fitz helping Claire get washed up and dress but something is amiss with this scene. If you’ve seen the previews this is the scene where it appears that Claire is confessing to Mrs. Fitz about not being from the 18th Century and that she fell though the stones and she’s from the future.  Mrs Fitz of course thinks Claire is a demon and will have nothing to do with it, freaks out and runs out of the room screeching. But thank Gawd it’s just Claire thinking of what would happen if she did confide in Mrs. Fitz.  Whoah, crisis averted.

Claire then goes down to her surgery to start straightening things around and seeing patients all the while Angus & Rupert are watching over her per Dougal’s orders.  After a time they see she’s not up to anything out of the ordinary and give her a longer leash so to speak and take to hanging in the kitchen where they can eat and drink of course.  They reminded me of 2 hobbits or trolls…hehehee

The son of Colum’s chambermaid passes away and everyone thinks that he was possessed by going up to the ruins of an old kirk when in truth, as Claire sleuths out, he was poisoned by eating Lily of the Valley thinking it was Wood Garlic.

Claire gets called to Colum’s study where he’s being fitted for a new frock coat much to his dismay and that of the tailor.  Colum asks Claire if she would massage him as their past healer, Davey Beaton use to do. Claire is happy to help Colum with his elements. While she is messaging him they have a conversation about the young boy that passed and Colum invites her to attend a social gathering that evening with the local musician, Gwynllyn.

When Claire is in the hall for the music, Dougal comes up next to her. They exchange and few words and Claire promptly makes an excuse to leave him that she needs a better view.  I don’t blame her for not wanting to be around his sneaky, conniving arse. After she sits down with rhenish in hand of course, Laoghaire comes up and sits beside her.  They introduce themselves to one another and make casual conversation about this and that until Jamie enters the room. Claire mentions how Jamie is a “fine figure”, Laoghaire says how Jamie is not interested in her but Claire promptly tells her that men rarely know what the need or want.
Jamie makes his way over to them and sits right between them pretty much ignoring Laoghaire. The poor wee lass. Doesn’t she know the new girl in town always gets the most attention. Claire tries her best to include her in their conversation but Jamie pretty much shuts her down and right out insults her. Poor girl, I think all of us women have been in THAT situation a time or two.  Jamie then makes an excuse to get Claire alone leaving poor Laoghaire to play busboy to the wine glasses.  Shame on you Jamie.
Back in Claire’s surgery, Jamie tells Claire he really didn’t need her help with his bandages, you wee devil Jamie, he just thought she needed walked back because she was tipsy.  Yeah right, like we believe that line JAMMF. We all know you want to rip her bodice off and have your way with her.  Anyways…I digress…

There is a lot more that goes on but I’ll just let you watch and see what happens.  If you’ve read the books you will notice that this episode has some differences but it’s all good.

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