Episode 4: The Gathering



Outlander episode The Gathering aired on 8/30/14 at 9pm ET on Starz

Synopsis: The Gathering shows Claire’s attempts at her first real planned escape. The run ins she has with various characters on the way including a major run in with Dougal and yet another moment with Jamie alone building their relationship. Also an Oath taking ceremony that could have awful results if not handled properly.


My Thoughts

Jesus H. Roosevelt Christ! what an episode!!!  I laughed, I cried, then I laughed some more. I have to say I love how they weave the music from the 40’s into the show as well as bagpipes and such.

IMG_1087The dynamic duo of Angus and Rupert were up to their old tricks again this evening and poor Claire in the middle of their antics. Of course Claire gets the best of them once again though…hehehe It’s Gathering day and the boys (Angus & Rupert) want to be amongst all the festivities but Claire has other things in mind such as planning her escape from Castle Leoch.

IMG_1091Even though Claire’s ultimate goal is to get back to the standing stones there is something she finds appealing being around the castle and the families that call it home. Still she feels the pull to go back to her husband, Frank for this is not her real home….at least not yet.

IMG_1124The clansmen begin to gather in castle to pledge their allegiance to Clan MacKenzie & their Laird, Colum and Claire feels that this would be the opportune time to make her escape.  But her attempt is delayed by Mrs. Fitz when she makes Claire attend the festivities.  Claire realizes this might be to her advantage after.

IMG_1137With the help of some port wine and valerian root that she acquires from Geillis Claire gets her one of shadows, Angus, loopy and makes her way out of the castle but has a run in with some clans men who try to take advantage of her but Dougal runs them off.  But having Dougal save her from them doesn’t do her much good either as Dougal then tries his hand at getting up Claires skirts as well. Dang drunken fool men!

IMG_1151Claire’s attempt to leave the castle while the oath taking is thwarted when she runs into Jamie in the stables who is trying to lay low during the oath taking by the other clansmen.  He informs in in no uncertain terms that there is no way she can leave tonight with the heavy guards that Dougal has put around the castle.  She reluctantly returns to the castle Jamie by her side (right where he belongs I might add).

They run into Rupert and his merry band of brothers which then forces Jamie to go into the castle to take part in an oath taking that he neither should take nor does he want. Jamie nervously enters the gathering after being properly outfitted by his captors.  Jamie’s no fool or dummy so he outwits his uncles  choosing his words very carefully and thankfully avoids another flogging or worse.

IMG_1192The next scenes were heart wrenching for me.  During the boar hunt one of the clansmen, Geordie gets ripped open by a boar and there is nothing poor Claire and her wee basket of herbs can do for him.  During this scene we get to see the softer side of Dougal as he helps ease the man towards death with Claire there to hold poor Geordie’s hand. Thank goodness for a game of shinty to liven the place up after a tragic accident.

Screen Shot 2014-08-30 at 4.40.06 PMI about busted a gut watching Dougal, Jamie, Murtagh and Angus butting heads and taking potshots at one another during this rough game that seems to have little or likely no rules whatsoever other than hit the ball with the stick at any cost.  Dougal and Jamie looked like to rutting rams going after each other. I suspect there was much more going on between them than just a good game. At the end of all there rough housing all Jamie can say  is “Did we win.”  From what I could see there wasn’t a way to win that game unless you call getting up and walking away a win…hehehehe

IMG_1175There wasn’t much of the sexual tension going on between Jamie and Claire as in episodes 1 and 2 but there’s sure to be more in the coming shows.  There was one scene that felt out of place I could have done without and didn’t think it really added anything to the which was when Leoghaire comes to Claire asking for some sort of love potion to use on Jamie. At first I was like what’s this about but after I suppose this is going to tie into something to come in later episodes. That being said….Give me a break! No love potion is gonna do any good for that young man.  Jamie has eyes for only one women and we all ken who that is…don’t we 😉

Can’t wait to see what mess Claire gets herself into next Saturday #Outlanderday!


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