Episode 5: Rent


Outlander episode Rent aired on 9/6/14 at 9pm ET on Starz

Synopsis:  Claire goes on the road with Dougal as he collects rents from the tenants. She meets the clans solicitor who is riding with them. She also becomes aware of Dougal’s involvement in trying to raise money for the Jacobite rebellion


Holy Moses the episodes just keep getting better and better. The beautiful mountains and lochs of Scotland stole the show well..almost. I also loved all the Gaelic singing in this episode. It really helped set the atmosphere and tone.

IMG_1237Claire joins Dougal and his merry band of highlanders on the road to collect rents from the tenants that live on MacKenzie lands. Along the way the men are singing in Gaelic which almost reminded me of a military cadence. Ned Gowan, the lawyer and bookkeeper for the clan and Claire strike up conversations along the way helping to relieve her boredom and pass the time.

IMG_1244While making camp men sit around talking as men will do, what we would call locker room talk, how they are such ladykillers and all the women they have bedded. MEN! Of course women aren’t much better…not nowadays anyways and truth be told even in the 18th century. As the saying goes there is nothing new under the sun. This sort of talk doesn’t bother Claire since she’s been around men all her life what with her upbringing with her uncle and serving in WWII. It does however bother her they use Gaelic to exclude her from the conversations. This would bother anyone I dare say. IMG_1253Jamie, being the kind hearted man he is tells her not to worry about what they’re saying it’s just because they don’t trust her. She assures him she is not an English spy once again which Jamie doesn’t think she is anyways but knows she’s hiding something and that she wants to get away from them still. I can’t wait until he finds out what she is hiding…that’s should be very interesting to see unfold.

IMG_1258On one of their stops Claire gets bored and wanders off to meet up with some of the women folk who are wool waulking. I have to admit loved this scene. It was heartwarming to see the ladies all working and singing together even if there was a bucket of pee involved. The singing was totally awesome and made the scene so authentic. IMG_1271Wee Angus is in charge of watching Claire and when he finally finds her he is more than a little ticked off at her mostly likely because Dougal is riding his behind about losing a “sassenach wench”. Claire is so hacked off that when she sees a goat tied to their wagon she fights with Rupert over trying to take a goat which they had collected as rent payment back to it’s owners because they have a baby that needs milk.

IMG_1279While Claire, Angus, Rupert and Dougal are butting heads over her going missing and the freaking goat, out pops a British fellow in an apron who wants to know what all the fuss is about and why they are treating this English lady this way. Angus who is a head shorter than this big English guy brings him self up and tells the guy in no uncertain terms to keep his nose out of their business. After which the English fellow puts on his redcoat and leaves the village. I personally wondered what this English fellow was doing in a village of Scots but I’m sure all will be revealed later down the bonnie road.

IMG_1284As they are collecting their goats, pigs, grain, and a few pence here and there that these tenants have, Claire is taking mental notes on what Dougal doing shall I call it under the table and she is NOT liking what she’s seeing. At night after each visit the villagers meet for drinks and renewing old acquaintances. During these meetings Dougal uses Jamie and his scared back to gather funds from the towns folks. IMG_1297Jamie is none to happy with being used in this way but because of his current problems he’s forced to do whatever Dougal wants just to stay alive.


IMG_1315Claire is very bitter to what is happening around her and finds it very difficult to hold her tongue. She’s a real sassy sassenach and in all honesty probably would have been beaten or shot for his acid remarks to the group of men if it weren’t for Jamie intervening on her account. But even Jamie is over her hateful attitude and tries to get her to understand that she needs to just back off.

IMG_1309Then at this one village a tenant doesn’t have anything to pay his rent with because the redcoats raided his farm. Dougal then goes soft hearted and gives food to the people. Claire buts in and lets Dougal know right off she knows what he’s up too playing nice so they will give more at the evenings gathering. It’s at this gathering that she finally puts 2 and 2 together while Dougal is giving his usual rousing speech in Gaelic and she understands the words “long live the Stuarts”, referring to Charles Stuart, the young pretender and Jacobites. After this enlightenment she sees the men in a different light finally realizing that Dougal is not taking money from the people for his own gain but to help build an army against the British which Claire knows will never succeed.

IMG_1402This is very disturbing to Claire having the knowledge that she does and not being able to do anything about it. Knowing that all these people that she has becoming familiar and friends with might be dead within the next few years. Claire does her best to try to warn them without giving too much information or outing herself. I must say this would be a very difficult thing to deal with mentally and I’m glad I have no knowledge of the future myself otherwise I might curl up in a ball right now.

IMG_1371Next morning after breakfast a brawl breaks out because some locals are making lude remarks about Claire in Gaelic. Angus just can’t take it and bashing a guy’s head against the table…hehe I love this scene. I think this shows that even though Claire is English they have taken a liking to her and I think it’s because she’s just as hard headed as they are.

IMG_1357This episode was more about Scotland history than it is the development of Claire and Jamie’s relationship but that will come in time. There are several very nice scenes of them exchanging glances and words but of course the scene where he sleeps outside her door while staying upstairs in one of the taprooms is the highlight of their encounters in this episode.IMG_1370 This shows Jamie’s gallantry and protective nature over Claire.  And episode ended with a cliffhanger! Remember the redcoat back at one of the villages…well he shows back up with his groupies and catches Claire and Dougal alone and questions Claire about being “with” the Scots or are they holding her against her will but we don’t get an answer…UGH have to wait till next Saturday!!!


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