Episode 13: The Watch

Screen Shot 2015-05-02 at 11.11.48 AMOutlander’s The Watch  aired on May 2, 2015 on the Starz channel at 9pm EST.

Synopsis:  A Redcoat deserter from Jamie’s past returns; Jenny goes into labor; Jamie and Ian join the Watch.


My Thoughts

While we know this episode was really about a bunch of thieving thugs who are only out to line their own pockets by playing both sides of the fence.  Providing what they call protection to their fellow Scots all the while aiding the British patrols with inside information.  Their only aim is their own gain plan and simple.

Let’s talk about the actual watch in the Outlander episode The Watch.

Screen Shot 2015-05-02 at 6.23.06 PM

While Taran MacQuarrie is trying to entice Jamie with his tells of spoils gained from living on the road & being part of the Watch. Telling Jamie that “money taken is twice as sweet as money earned”.  He pulls out a souvenir from his last raid from his pocket and hands it over to Jamie on their way out to the ambush site. Jamie reads the Latin inscription inside which reads.

pale death visits with impartial foot the cottages of the poor and the castles of the rich” (Horace)

MacQuarrie explains that it belonged to Mary Queen of Scots.

So while I listening to the podcast with  Executive Producer Ron Moore and Writer Toni Graphia, she explains that there actually was a watch like this one that belonged to Mary Queen of Scots.

(c) Glasgow Museums; Supplied by The Public Catalogue Foundation
Mary Queen of Scots

 I love finding out about these little nuggets of information and how they actually fit these types of gems into a TV program or movie.

The actual watch, pictured below, is called the Seton Watch.  It was made by Moyant A Blois (1570-90) and it was said to be given by Mary Queen of Scots to Mary Seton who was one  her ladies-in-waiting.

Seton_watch_front Seton_watch_side

The case of the watch is engraved with the figure of death between a palace and a cottage, and a quotation in Latin meaning ‘pale death visits with impartial foot the cottages of the poor and the castles of the rich‘ (Horace)

Writer Toni Graphia stated in the podcast she was writing late at night and Googling when she found it. She stated they made a replica of the above watch to be specially made for this episode and that she was willing to pay for it herself because she wanted it in the episode so badly although I don’t think she had to give up any of her hard earned pay to actually get it made.

I just thought it was too cool not to mention this easter egg in the show.


The actual watch used in this episode was created by & can be seen at  Whetton & Grosch

Note:  Whetton & Grosch also made the the Black Jack/Frank Randall razor that was used in the Garrison Commander episode, Claire Apothecary Box,  the Dragonfly skeleton in amber,  & Georgian Shinty sticks to name a few.

Download Ron Moore’s podcast for episode 113



Clip from Australia (SOHO)


Screenshots from “The Watch”

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