Episode 1 – Through a Glass, Darkly

Outlander S2-E1 SS - 77

Outlander episode Through a Glass, Darkly will air
April 9, 2016 on Starz at 9pm EST.

Synopsis:  In the Season 2 premiere, Jamie and Claire arrive in France, where they hope to infiltrate the Jacobite rebellion and put a stop to the Battle of Culloden. Thrown into the plush world of French society, they experience court intrigue and struggle to make any headway politically.

Episode written by Ron D. Moore

Directed by Metin Hüseyin

My take on episode 1 of season 2

Those of us that are fans of the Outlander book series as well as the TV show know that the second book Dragonfly in Amber had a big time jump at the beginning.  I remember when I read the book I was like “what the heck, did I miss a book” but nope I checked and it was indeed the second book I didn’t miss one.  So I kept on reading to see where writer Diana Gabaldon was leading us.

I had heard that Outlander TV showrunner, Ron Moore was planning on doing something similar. I had also heard that adapting DIA was a bit harder than the the first book in the series.

Let me say that Ron Moore and his team did not disappoint.  While the time jump wasn’t exactly like the book it was still a jump.  The opening scene of Claire’s blood curdling screams as she realizes that she’s no longer in 1745 are gut wrenching knowing that the man she’s bound to is no longer among the living is more than she can bare.

As she makes her way back to Inverness in 1948 at the local hospital her husband Frank arrives.  Claire doesn’t appear as happy to see Frank as Frank is to see her.

Book readers know and most don’t much care for the Frank character but TV Frank is a different story and Tobias Menzies plays it well.  Oh damn you! Ron Moore for putting a more lovable Frank in the TV series.  Frank/Tobias definitely steals this episode .

I wondered how they were going to shift back to Jamie and Claire’s story in Paris but the transition was great.  Claire coming down the stairs of the plane and reaching out to take Frank’s hand and then the scene changes to Jamie…so good!

Can’t wait until next Saturday’s episode!

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