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The fourth season of Outlander is a pivotal one for Brianna Fraser, who’s been forced to grow up alarmingly fast after losing Frank, the man she thought was her father; realizing that her biological father is an 18th century Scotsman, then being effectively orphaned when her mother Claire travels back in time to reunite with him.

“I feel like this is the season where Brianna really becomes Brianna,” Skelton told ELLE.com ahead of the season four premiere. “She goes through a lot, she matures a lot, and I think what she goes through really softens her as a character.” One of the main reasons Skelton was interested in taking the role, she said, was because of Brianna’s arc in Drums of Autumn, the Outlander book on which this season is based. “It was a lot more responsibility, in that Bree holds up a lot of the second half of the season, and that’s been really fun. We’ve played a teenage, harsher, brattier version of Bree, but there are so many more elements of her this season, and it’s been nice to show the woman she becomes.”

Below, Skelton speaks to ELLE.com about Bree and Roger’s fight in episode 3, Bree’s decision to go through the stones, and her imminent reunion with Jamie.



On why Bree turned down Roger’s proposal in episode three

I think for Bree, one of the reasons that the argument gets to the place it does is just because she’s put herself in such a vulnerable position [of trying to initiate sex]. I know the ’60s was a time of sexual revolution, and women were starting to be more confident in terms of initiating anything sexual, but even for women these days, putting yourself out there is a very vulnerable thing. I think for Brianna in that moment, she really has taken a leap and feels extremely rejected, and I think Roger feels the same. He then takes it one step further, and he proposes, and then he feels rejected, so the argument blows up far more than it would have done had it been in a different setting. Whether you’re male or female, I think if you take off your clothes and then somebody starts dressing you, you feel a little bit bruised!

I think Bree feels Roger’s being slightly hypocritical, in saying he won’t sleep with her unless they’re married. It’s fair enough to have those morals if you believe in no sex before marriage, but I think Brianna feels hard done by, in that he’s picking and choosing who he has those morals with.

Outlander Season 4 Roger and Brianna

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