Something is amiss with this Outlander photo….hmmmm

With the recent release of new behind the scenes photos from Outlander season 4 there is something that’s been noticed by fans in one particular photo. Can you spot it?

Outlander Fraser & Rhenish Collection

Do you see something missing??

If you’ve read Diana Gabaldon’s book Drums of Autumn, the 4th book in the Outlander series, then you have an idea what this might be eluding too. If you have not read the books and don’t like SPOILERS then read no farther.

In the book, Drums of Autumn we know that while Jamie, Claire & the rest of the Outlander clan are on their way to Aunt Jocasta’s plantation, River Run by Jamie’s favorite way of travel, a boat called Sally Ann. They are set upon by a new villian, Stephen Bonnet. Bonnet is a pirate, a smuggler and an allround nasty fellow.  He proceeds to rob them and he wants Claire’s wedding rings among other things.

In the book Claire proceeds to swallow the rings to keep Bonnet’s thugs from taking them. She drops one of the rings (Frank’s gold band) while trying to pop them in her mouth but does manage to get Jamie’s ring down. The thieves take Frank’s gold band.

As you can see in the photo above that it’s Jamie’s wedding band that she’s missing. Sooo…we are speculating that the Outlander writers may have changed up this scene from the books and switched which ring that Claire lost to Bonnet and his gang.

We also know that the ring in the books is different than the one that Jamie gave her in the TV series.  There was a big hullabaloo on social media when this happened in season one’s wedding episode.

TV Series Lallybroch Key Ring
TV Series Nail Ring


Claire's Book Ring
Claire’s Book Ring

We could speculate that maybe the writer’s changed this up so that this would give them to correct the change in the rings by Bonnet stealing the Lallybroch key ring thus allowing Jamie to purchase her a new ring.  🤔 Possibly when Brianna goes to Bonnet to steal the ring back he won’t give it to her and Jamie buys or commissions the new one to be made for her.

There are a few fan photos floating around that show Caitriona wearing what looks like a similar ring as to what is described in the book while signing autographs during filming.  It’s difficult to tell from these screenshots from an Outlandish Journey’s  youtube video but to me it looks like a different ring from the key ring.


What is your theory about the missing ring?  Share your thoughts below with us.

Until November 4th arrives we’ll just have to keep guessing.