Take the #Outlander Cast Cake Bake Off

So it seems the Outlander cast are so bored during the current “social distancing/self isolation” that they have challenged each other to a bake off. Kyle Rees who plays John Quincy Myers made the challenge to his fellow Outlander cast/crew via Twitter.

So Kyle challenged Tim Downie who plays Governor Tryon in Outlander. Let’s see what he comes up with…hehehe

So Tim has to postpone his cake baking for a bit but Sam Heughan aka Jamie was up to the challenge and this is how Sam baking went down.

Gathering your ingredients….Hmmmm looks like a pineapple….wait OMG a clever!!! What kind of freaking cake are you making Sam that requires a meat cleaver 😳

It starts with Sam murdering a pineapple 😲

Well…Now it’s Tim Downie’s turn.

Oh boy!! now Caitriona is in on the fun! I don’t think Cait liked that Sam might outdo her. Too much competition between these two….hehehe

Dang Cait’s cake looks freaking yummy and I’ve gained about 10lbs. just doing this blog post. 🤣

Now Richard Rankin is getting in on the baking. This should be good.

Wow Kyle has really made a pretty cake there. Good job Kyle! 🌈

Back to Richard’s cake. He made a Victoria Sponge

Oh my word!!! Look at this yummy cake that Tim Downie made. I think we have a clear winner of this cake bakeoff!

We’ll have to wait and see if Sophie, John & Maria take the challenge before them.

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