The Continuing Saga of Saeed Jones and Kilt Daddy of Outlander

AMtoDM’s Saeed Jones is back on the Outlander “watch” and I do mean Watch as in the season 1 episode of Outlander called “The Watch”.

Jones had to mute some Outlander fans that were tweeting spoilers and foreshadowing. Outlanderdom can be so rabid sometimes. We’re an excitable bunch. 😜

So without further ado…


Here’s proof Murtagh can’t dance LOL



To be continued…

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  1. Sherenne Powell

    Can”t always understand the “English” but he’s certainly picked up on Claire..that very few like her “Superwoman” pigheadedness..certainly not like that on books. Jenny is more of a strong woman and she doesn’t have to put everyone in danger to prove it!! Love his take on some scenes….so much fun to read. Keep it up, Mate…

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