A View of Fraser’s Ridge or as Sam calls it Fraser’s Fridge πŸ˜‚

Kevin @d16nag of Twitter was out hiking the woods again for all of us ravenous Outlander fans. I have to say he’s come through again with some great pics & videos of Fraser’s Ridge or as Outlander star Sam Heughan called it “Fraser’s Fridge”.

Outlander Fraser & Rhenish Collection

As Kevin stated the Fraser’s left the door open for us on a beautiful log home set amongst the trees. There is no word on if this is the “big house” or if this cabin is, as book readers will know, the 1st cabin that Jamie and young Ian build when they first settle Fraser’s Ridge.
I personally am of the mind that the small brown house we saw a few weeks ago (see below) might not even belong to Jamie and Claire but maybe some other character that they meet along their journey.

I am thinking that the photos that Kevin shared today maybe of the cabin that Jamie & young Ian built when first settling the ridge although it does seem a bit bigger than it’s described in the book to me anyway. It’s still a gorgeous cabin and I’ll wait to see what Outlander’s set designer Jon Gary Steele has to say about it.

Here’s our wonderful Kevin infront of one of the Outlander cabins

Kevin also stated in a Tweet that the Frasers had left the door open

So what do you do when you walk all that way to visit the Frasers and they aren’t home why what elst you have a drink on the doorstep.

Looks like the Frasers will be keeping warm this winter with that big fireplace and all that wood that Jamie & young Ian have cut.

Oh I wonder if this is the infamous privy that wee Willie falls into after the snake. πŸ˜‚

These great photos are from @snaphammy on Facebook.

An there have been some sighting of Murtagh, who was wonderfully saved from his book fate at Culloden and sent to the colonies by the Outlander writers. A welcomed changed from the books for most of Outlander fandom as we’ve come to love his character in the TV series. Got to love Duncan Lacroix who plays Jamie’s Godfather.

Not sure who to credit for this photos just found them floating around Twitterverse.

Wow!! Fraser’s Ridge is taking shape right before our very eyes. Fans our imaginations have come to life. Can’t wait to see all the characters bustling about the ridge. Is it September yet!

**Special thanks to Kevin @d16nag of Twitter for all the wonderful pictures and videos!